Do “Businesses for Sale” Websites Really Help?

Sep 20, 2011

If you’ve been trying to sell your business for awhile, you may be wondering what it’s going to take to find a buyer, you may want to take a second look at those “businesses for sale” websites.  You may have stumbled upon a few of these in the past, or perhaps you’ve even placed your listing there, only to be bombarded by calls from brokers and unqualified prospects.  Just like any Internet marketing vehicle, not all of these business directories are created equal.  In fact, there are several sites that are designed to be nothing more than a lead-generation tool for business brokers.

How can you tell the difference between “businesses for sale” websites?

When you look online for a business listing, you will often land on one of the many online directories, but many of these are sites that list everyone for free.  They will often disguise themselves as businesses for sale by owner, when you are really connecting with big-name franchisors.  A lot can be gained by looking at a website with business listings, especially when you want to learn more about pricing your company in a competitive arena.  However, there must be real business owners behind those listings.  The best business for sale websites are those that give you a contact name and email address that allow for open communication between buyer and seller.

When is it appropriate to hire a business broker?

If after a few months you are not receiving an adequate response from a business for sale website, a business broker may offer resources that will generate interest.  Whether it is through intelligent and targeted marketing initiatives or direct contact within the broker’s network, a good broker will do a lot of “behind the scenes” marketing to find you a buyer.  He or she will also help you form alliances with potential buyers through business functions and associations.  They can educate you and a prospective buyer about financing options and tax issues that may impact the price of your business, which may also allow for a faster sale.

Working with a business for sale website is an easy and effective way to generate immediate results for selling your business.  You may get some ideas about selling your company just by looking at the listings for other businesses in your industry.  One of the best “businesses for sale” websites is