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We, the undersigned, do understand that the information requested is for the purpose of obtaining data on businesses for sale by owners. We acknowledge that the information we will be receiving will be of a confidential nature. We agree to hold such information in the strictest confidence and to use such information only for the purpose of analyzing the business opportunity with regards to a possible purchase/acquisition. Further, we acknowledge and specifically agree not to reveal to any third party the information received from ABC, Inc.

In all ways, we agree to make our best effort to prevent any potential damage to the business arising as a result of our receiving such confidential information or learning of the business' interest in selling. Specifically, we agree to make no direct contact with any suppliers, customers, sales representatives, competitors, or employees of the business without the written consent of the owner.

I agree to notify ABC, Inc. of any negotiations, purchase agreements, date of ownership transfer or merger with any business advertised by ABC, Inc. ABC, Inc. may take any action to protect this information.

We understand Affiliated Business Consultants, Inc., and their employees, and/or agents present the business sellers information as provided by the owners. The material is provided as general information with the understanding that neither ABC, Inc., nor its representatives are rendering legal or accounting services or advice. They make no Broker representations and no warranty or warranties are made with respect to the accuracy of statements or information on specific business opportunities conveyed by Affiliated Business Consultants, Inc., in the course of their marketing activities.

It is also recommended by Affiliated Business Consultants, Inc., that you obtain representation by legal counsel for any negotiations or business purchases.

We have received, read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this non-disclosure agreement and buyer registration form.