What’s the Best Way to Buy Businesses for Sale by Owner in Colorado?

Aug 25, 2011

Some sellers are very reluctant to utilize a business broker to help them sell their business.  As a result, it’s not hard to find businesses for sale by owner in Colorado.  One reason for this is that most small business owners are very “hands on” with every aspect of their business venture, and they feel they can do a better job selling it to potential buyers. 

If you are someone who is searching for businesses for sale by owner in Colorado, they are easy to find if when you know where to look.  Online directories, like the one at BizSale.com, are organized by category and can be searched geographically as well.  Most of the basic information about the company is right there on the web site, and the listings usually include a contact name and phone number.  So if you’re looking for a business, you may think you’ve got it covered, right?  Not so fast.  Even if the listing looks great on your end, an experienced business broker will provide more insight than what you can gather from the owner. 

Your broker can help you learn more about how the seller arrived at their price for the business, and he or she will know how to negotiate for a lower price.  As an industry expert, your broker can research recent trends in the area where the business is located, discover how they are ranked vs. competitors, and find out the true value of their assets. This type of knowledge is only developed with experience.  Doing it yourself would require a lot of time, and may take you away from more important business activities.  Brokers are also more familiar with the various financing options available to you from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

If you have been a business owner for awhile and you are looking to expand into other areas, then it’s possible you’ve never done business in Colorado.  Buying businesses for sale by owner in Colorado may seem straightforward at first, but every state has its own laws pertaining to businesses.  An experienced Colorado broker will be able to help you understand the tax laws and local business codes that may apply to your industry. 

The current economic climate has made it somewhat riskier to buy an existing business, and it’s never been more important to make sure you are making a wise investment.  Finding the right businesses for sale by owner may be easy enough to do when you search the online directory at BizSale.com, but a business broker can help you narrow the search.