How to Sell a Business without a Broker

We link buyers and sellers, without the huge broker fees.

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Selling with a Broker is Expensive!

Do you want to sell you business? Perhaps you’re ready to retire. Or you just want to move on to something new. No matter the reason you want to sell, if you can sell your business without a broker you can  avoid paying 6% to 12% of the sale price in broker fees.

Why choose Affiliated Business Consultants and Bizsale?

Selling your business isn’t the end. It’s a strategic move towards whatever comes next. Leveraging our extensive background and experience, we can help you design a confidential and successful exit strategy by connecting you with qualified buyers so that you can maximize your profits, ultimately saving you time and money.


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5 Things You Need to Know to Sell Your Business for Maximum Profit

You must read our easy to understand explaination of the 5 things all business owners must understand to sell for maximum profit.  This is a free download in PDF format. No login required. Click to download now.

Benefits of Selling with

How many times have you said “If I only had a buyer for my business.”


Qualified Buyers

We prequalify buyers for you, saving you time and money. Your business information is kept strictly confidential.

Massive Exposure

Don’t leave money on the table. Get your best price by exposing your business to millions of qualified buyers.

Help with Valuation

One of the first steps when selling a business without a broker is to determine the value of your business.

National Marketing

The buyers are out there! We use multiple marketing channels to reach qualified buyers looking for a business just like yours.

Proven Processes

You can relax knowing you are working with a marketing company with 40 years experience selling businesses.

Small Business Specialists

You don’t need to worry about jargon, sales pitches or pressure. We work for you.

Timing is Important When Selling a Business

Don’t wait until you are desperate to sell your business. To get the most money for your business, you must sell it when you want to.


3 Times a Business Can Be Sold

First, when you want to. Second, when you have to. Third, when your heirs sell it. To get the most money for your business, you must sell it when you want to. Don’t wait until someone or something makes that decision for you!


Finding the Right Buyer is Key

Discovering the ideal buyer is paramount. The approach you take in locating a buyer can spell the difference between success and failure. The right qualified buyer allows you to fully capitalize on the advantages of owning your business.


Baby Boomer Bonanza

As of 2023, the baby boomer retirement surge is happening and we are still in the largest business transfer time in American history.  Despite the increase in sellers, 2023 is a very good time to sell businesses in a variety of industry sectors.


Selling a Business Without a Broker is Not Hard

Selling a business is a complex process, but it is not as hard as it might sound.  We are not business brokers. Rather, we help you determine the value of your business and we help you find a qualified buyer. Once this is done, you can manage the sale yourself and avoid the huge broker fees.


Qualified Buyers Are Everywhere

Buyers come from various backgrounds, all walks of life, and regions across the country, and are financially prepared to invest. We receive hundreds of inquiries from business buyers every month.


Buyers are Ready to Buy NOW

Our buyers all have 3 things in common: 1 – They know what they want. 2 – They have money to buy a business. 3 – They come to us for help finding them a business. 


You Must Sell While Profitable

Business buyers want stable earnings and growth. These buyers typically prioritize the assessment of cash flow generated by your business. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain readily available data showcasing profitability to effectively engage with the buyers. This timeframe significantly influences the sales price of your company. It’s advisable not to wait to sell when profits are declining, or when you’re feeling burnt out or have lost passion for the business.


Sell While You Are Young

Optimizing the sale of your business at a younger age can significantly enhance its value. Delaying this transition until retirement age may diminish your willingness to participate in the transition process, potentially lowering the appeal to prospective buyers. Engaging actively in the succession process adds tangible value to your business, as buyers highly appreciate and are willing to invest in your guidance and support during the transition phase.


Strategic Exposure

Our clients need strategic exposure which can mean the difference between selling their business or just liquidating it. We provide results that only a national company can provide.


Help You Can Trust

Since 1980, we have helped thousands of business buyers and sellers. We have the experience, talent and expertise that you can trust to meet your objectives.

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Customer Reviews

{We want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did and we highly recommend you and your company.
George C.
{I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us. The packets of information you sent us were most helpful. Highly recommend.
Tom and Arlene B.
{I have enjoyed working with your staff and you should feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thank you again for your assistance.
John B.
{I would like to let the personnel at Affiliated Business Consultants know that they did a great job in helping us advertise our business. The buyer came from Baltimore, Maryland to buy our business in Oklahoma. Again, I want to thank your firm for helping us advertise on the Internet and for finding buyers. I would refer your firm to others that would like to sell an existing business.
Helen and Larry W.
{We would like to take the time and thank Jim and the entire crew at ABC for providing all the hard work and dedication in making our dream possible. We are very appreciative on how ABC handled our listing and the service that they all conducted to make the sale of our business possible. Thank you so much, Jim and all the hard-working people with ABC. When we get to Florida we will be sending you pictures.
Scott and Shara M.
{I am writing to commend you for your work in selling our engineering and surveying business in Mississippi. I thought that it would be a very difficult task but your staff was patient and led me through the maze. Thank you so much for all your help and I would recommend your company to anyone wishing to sell a business.
Gerald W.
{Thank you very much for advertising our business. We were extremely pleased with the number of requests you had for our portfolio. Our buyers would not have found us without your help. Again, Thank You Very Much!! We will now be able to retire and enjoy our winters at our home in Florida and our summers at our home in Michigan.
Bob and Peggy W.
{I want to thank all of you for your services. You handled everything very professionally from the original contact through your salesman until the closing of the sale.
Leo J

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from a business broker? is an advertising company and not real estate agents, salesmen, or brokers. This means we don’t charge a commission on your sales price. Our fees are fixed in advance.  We don’t hide buyers from you but rather actively involve you in the sales process.

How do I determine the value of my business?

A realistic business valuation requires more than merely looking at last year’s financial statement. You need to perform a thorough analysis of several years of the business operation. Then you must assess the future outlook of the industry, the economy, and how your company will compete.

Why you must have a business valuation

Where can I find a buyer for my business?

There are a few ways to find a buyer for your business, including through online FSBO business listing marketplaces, business brokers , M&A advisors, investment bankers, and the hybrid model.

Business acquisitions are on the rise, as there are currently 15 potential buyers for every business listed for sale. Working with a business marketing company like ABC can help you secure the best terms and prices for your business. We have a vast database of potential buyers and we don’t charge the high commissions of business brokers.

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