The Best Home Business to Start in the New Economy

Feb 17, 2011

Perhaps you were recently “liberated” from a stressful job in corporate America and you just don’t have the desire to jump right back into that world. Or maybe you are finally able to realize your dream of entrepreneurship and do something you love in a home-based business.  Whatever your reasons, before you can be your own boss, it is important to perfect your “business concept”.   A home business is usually the least expensive way to get started, but do you know the best home business to start

The best ideas for starting a small business usually spring from your passions, interests and natural talents, and how these may be used to fill a need in a specific industry or community.  When you come up with the perfect match between your abilities and resources, and find a way to market yourself effectively, you are in business!

If you want to find the best home business to start, but you don’t want to go through all the “growing pains” of a typical startup, then an existing business may be the way to go.  You can still do what you love, but start off with an existing customer base and a fully developed structure.  Check out the business listings online at a site like, and you will learn about businesses for sale by owner in your area. 

Some of the best home businesses to start are focused on services, such as data processing, bookkeeping, child care and tutoring.  One of the fastest growing areas of home-based businesses is within the technology sector, which includes systems engineers, upgrade specialists, web designers and content developers.  But you don’t need to have a lot of technical expertise; a virtual assistant business might be a better option. Management consultants and business coaches are also finding a niche in the new economy, as corporate downsizing has forced corporations to outsource everything. 

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