So You Want to Buy a Bakery Business?

Feb 26, 2011

Not all entrepreneurs are comfortable working behind a desk all day, and not every business owner is only interested in profits.  The truth is, most successful business owners are those who follow their passions.  If you have always dreamed of becoming a pastry chef or making the best cheesecake in town, then maybe it’s time to buy a bakery.

Starting a retail baking or baked goods business can be something that starts out as “just a hobby”.  Maybe you’ve been selling your famous muffins or chocolate chip cookies to local cafes and demand has grown well beyond what you can handle part-time.  Or perhaps you already own a bakery and you’re looking to buy a second bakery business in a different part of town.  When your “brand” is already successful locally, it is a lot easier to open a second store. 

But where do you look for business for sale?  Perhaps you have a few new ideas for a baking business but you don’t want to work with a business broker.  Buying a bakery doesn’t always require the use of a broker, especially not when you can find listings in a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) directory. 

By allowing you direct access to the current business owner, FSBO directories can help you learn a lot about a business opportunity, and determine if it’s right for you.  Existing owners can help you learn about which licenses you need to buy a bakery, and how to run a profitable baking business. 

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