Best Ideas for Buying a Business

May 25, 2012

Are you frustrated with the corporate world?  Worried about job security?  Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking for ideas for buying a business.  Whether you want to start your own company or buy someone else’s, the toughest part is often choosing a business model.

There are plenty of websites that will help you with ideas for buying a business, but the selection you make will depend a lot on your personal goals.  For example, do you want to become a billionaire in your lifetime?  Are you looking for a family business that can be passed along to your kids?  Will you be using the income from this business to supplement your retirement income?  How much time do you expect to spend working at the business?

Where can you find businesses for sale?

The best part about buying an existing small business or franchise is the flexibility in determining your own workday.  If you’re looking for ideas for buying and running a business, it’s easy to find them online at a business “for sale by owner” directory.  Just a quick perusal of the categories and sub-categories on this site might be enough to get the creative juices flowing, but one can also find a lot more detail about the opportunities that interest them.

As more families seek a second income with the flexibility of working from home, startup companies are emerging in many industries, but many of these companies are already established and can be purchased as an existing business.  Here are a few examples of the best ideas for buying a business:

  1. Home health care business
  2. Catering business
  3. Custom sign company
  4. Personal training business
  5. Web design company
  6. Computer repair and mobile IT help desk
  7. Pet sitting or daycare business
  8. Freelance writing and public relations
  9. Mobile car wash and detailing business
  10. Wedding photography and videography

These are just a few examples to help you begin thinking about a home-based business.  Many existing businesses also include property, fleet cars and equipment.  The best way to find your entrepreneurial “niche” and get ideas for buying a business is to browse the directory at