Which Small Businesses Are In Demand This Year?

Jan 20, 2015

In demand businesses are partially determined by your location. Different markets vary from state to state; however, there are some prominent small businesses that stay strong in the ranking for hot businesses.

Which small businesses are in demand right now?

According to Inc.com’s recent article, “8 Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now,” there are several industry verticals to keep in mind.  Deciding which small business to invest in, depends on your real-world experience and how much you want to invest.

Here are a few of the top industries where small businesses are in demand:

Green Businesses: Green businesses, including specifically green construction, are not only very profitable, but also have the backing of the federal government with tax incentives. New building codes as well as a rebound in the housing market make eco-friendly construction businesses a boom in most areas. These businesses can blossom anywhere. Green construction doesn’t have to start with a new home. People are opting for their own tax breaks by implementing energy efficient and sustainable designs in their home. The incentive is that they receive a tax break now and cost savings later. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and business owner. One can expect this industry to continue to grow and prosper as new techniques, materials, and designs are invented.

This industry can expand out into other avenues such as equipment rental, masonry, excavating, landscaping, lumber and building supply, and engineering. The benefits of green businesses and green construction is that they extend their economic boost into surrounding businesses as well.

Health & Specialty Food: Health food stores, small health clinics, whole food bakeries, fitness centers, health clubs and spa locations are hotter than ever.

According to Inc.com

In 2012, total specialty-food sales launched above $85 billion, according to the Specialty Food Association.

The needs of these types of businesses vary from being very hands-on with your clients to maintaining and easy revenue with loyal and repeat customers. The industry is growing in all directions, how you choose to involve yourself is up to you. Checking a for sale by owner directory will assist in determining which business seems like the right fit for you.

Alcohol Industry: Beer and wine distributors and other similar small businesses are in high demand.  Distilled spirits are another area, led by robust demand for American-made whiskeys.

Quick Serve Restaurants are leading the food service industry within the “Fast-Casual” franchising industry.  Chains like Chipotle, Saladworks, Smashburger, Qdoba and Baja Fresh are experiencing record sales growth, which has fueled a revival within this category of franchising. These franchises are also seeing benefits from serving alcohol in their establishment.

Healthcare Technology is another area where small businesses are in demand.  As thousands of doctors’ offices and hospitals look to streamline patient care by using electronic health records (EHRs), this segment is gaining a lot of attention from investors. 

Other industries where small businesses are in demand include technical and trade schools, home health care and repair services.  To find your niche as an entrepreneur, check out the business opportunities listed at BizSale.com.

Here’s an additional booming businesses to consider investing in this year:

  • Sporting Goods Store
  • Engineering related Business
  • Concrete Products Manufacturing Business
  • Plumbing and heating business
  • Specialty repair Business
  • Motels
  • Cultured marble and Granite Company
  • Bar and lounge
  • Full-Service Automotive Repair & Body Shop
  • Painting, pressure washing, and sand blasting
  • Auto part and tire service center
  • General Store
  • Heating service business
  • Storage unit business
  • Steakhouse and lounge
  • C-store
  • HVAC & plumbing services