What Are Some Good Businesses to Buy During a Recession?

Mar 19, 2011

While there is no surefire formula for starting a business that thrives in a recession; there are still some industries that do better than others.  Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best way to remain competitive in a bear market, so they spend a lot of time studying the most profitable businesses to buy during a recession.  Overall, research has shown that companies who offer necessary products and services at competitive prices will do well in difficult times.

Are you thinking about investing in a business?  Here are some good businesses to buy during a recession:

  • Inexpensive food businesses, including low-cost restaurants, produce markets and food stores.
  • Healthcare services that cater to senior citizens, particularly those that provide an alternative to more expensive services.
  • Personal care items and services, such as health and beauty products, hair salons and barber shops that offer quality for less
  • Job search firms and niche-oriented recruiters who help displaced professionals stand out from the competition and find a good job
  • Discount stores, such as dollar stores, that offer people a reliable product at a better price
  • Online stores that can help shoppers find the products and services they want at a lower price
  • Home repair businesses who package their services in an affordable way that makes sense for the average homeowner
  • Financial consultants and accountants who can help business owners save money, streamline their operations and increase revenues in a lean economy

The best way to approach a business acquisition in a tough economy is the do your research first. It is possible that there is a niche that your business can fill; one that is not currently available in your area, or there may be a business for sale that fits one of the profiles listed above. 

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