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This creative and skilled monument company has been operating for over a hundred years, and is poised for success in the next century as well. The business is profitable and has an excellent reputation in the area. Crafting cemetery monuments to unique works of art, to even large municipal projects, there is virtually no limit to what this business can produce. Beyond longevity and success, this establishment also comes with everything a new owner would need to get started making money right away. Come check out this wonderful opportunity in beautiful northeast Colorado today! The business is priced to include $70,000 in inventory, $65,000 in equipment, $22,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and building and property valued at $200,000. Ask for portfolio #116.

  • $450,000
  • CO
  • $357,000
  • $103,751
  • $356,026
  • 174 | 107 | 225

Excellent opportunity to inquire in this thriving company that maintains a solid foundation within its market since 1978.  The business specializes in distributing a variety of marine and automotive paint, supplies, tools and equipment.  It is known for carrying a very extensive inventory selection of the highest-quality name brands, while supplying competitive pricing, an established team of qualified professionals, and a strong market presence known locally and nationally.  The business operates from a 20,000 + sq. ft. warehouse facility that provides substantial room for production and growth.  This is a great acquisition for a large firm or an individual that is willing to work hard and reap the benefits that this company will provide.  Inquire today to  learn more about this business located in northwest Missouri.   Assets that will included in the sale is approximately $430,000 in average inventory, $10,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $10,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property is also included, valued at $500,000.  

  • $999,999
  • MO
  • $950,000
  • $163,452
  • $917,281
  • 259 | 262 | 279 | 424



This well-known towing and wrecker business has been serving its community since 1984.  It has an established name, recurring contracts, up-to-date equipment, reliable wreckers and a large storage lot for vehicles; all available to a new owner.  The owners have developed this business to perfection and are very motivated to hand the keys over to an energetic buyer that can take this business to the next level.  The business provides a strong market presence with a remarkable reputation while gaining consistent profits.  This is an ideal investment opportunity located in northeast Texas.  Assets are to include $40,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings.  A negotiable lease option is available.  

  • $199
  • TX
  • $40,000
  • $58,648
  • $100,963
  • 429
Related Business Categories: Towing & Wrecker Service

This extremely profitable window retail company has expanded over its 20-plus year history to include products such as interior/exterior doors, garage doors/accessories, and other hardware items. They provide service to home owners and commercial builders and bring in excellent revenues doing so. Currently, the hours are only 8-5 Monday through Friday, so extending the hours would be one way to increase the already high profits. Located in southwest Colorado, this business has the capability to be expanded to serve three other states should a new owner decide to expand the business area or open a satellite location. Come check out this great opportunity and see why this company has such an excellent reputation! The establishment is priced to include $25,000 in average inventory, $30,000 in equipment, and $10,000 in fixtures and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #0006.

  • $675,000
  • CO
  • $65,000
  • $398,125
  • $1,489,552
  • 53 | 279 | 281
Owner Financing Available!UPDATED

This well established dry cleaning and laundry service business has been within its community since 1947. Current owners bought the business in 1960 as a family business, and over the years have built a state of the art facility that is conveniently located right off the highway.   The business has very little competition within its area, producing consistent sales and profits.  And some of the competitive advantages of the business is they are a petroleum based dry cleaning (not PERC) including a reclaimer, have full commercial laundry equipment, also offering the only drive thru window in the county along with having the only alteration service, and a full duplication of equipment ensuring no downtime.  This dual equipment design also offers the opportunity to dramatically ramp up production should the new owner choose to expand the business. Assets include $1,000 in inventory, $310,000 of equipment, vehicle, fixtures, and furnishings.  Building and property valued at $300,000.  Located in western Mississippi.  Ask for portfolio #0182

  • $350,000
  • MS
  • $611,000
  • $268,650
  • 399 | 400


Operating since 1962, this well established business resides in a 10,000 square foot building housing a large restaurant and banquet room in addition to a bowling alley and a retail floral shop.    With three unique revenue streams this business is positioned to provide a steady income for years to come.  The current owners are ready to sell and are willing to negotiate on the asking price.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent opportunity located in western Nebraska.  Total assets include $30,659 in average inventory, $265,200 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings, and the building and land is valued at $175,000.   Ask for portfolio number 0310.

  • $235,000
  • NE
  • $470,859
  • $49,017
  • $289,001
  • 337 | 375 | 448
Related Business Categories: Restaurants | Florists & Greenhouses | Bowling Alleys

This well-established business was started in 1970 and was taken over by the current owner in 1993. This business provides full-service repairs on a variety of heating and air conditioning units. 85% of their sales come from repair work. They also do remodeling and plumbing services. This business enjoys an excellent reputation, great location, and very little competition. Total assets include $20,000 of inventory, $48,000 of equipment, vehicles, fixtures, and furnishings, and building and land valued at $90,000. Located in Southeastern North Dakota. Ask for portfolio number 0205.

  • $169,000
  • ND
  • $158,000
  • $33,127
  • $119,506
  • 104 | 431

  Located in the southwest quarter of Idaho, this rapidly growing firearms store is ready for a new owner to take it to the next level. The population of the local area is increasing at exponential levels, ushering in a consistently fresh clientele on a daily basis. Furthermore; the current operation utilizes less than half of the included real estate, leaving plenty of space for the expansion upon the current building, an indoor shooting range, or both!  Assets are to include $800,000 in average inventory, $35,000 in Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment and Real Estate valued at $1,000,000. They're waiting for you! Call Today! Ask for portfolio #564.

  • $3,500,000
  • ID
  • $1,835,000
  • $94,907
  • $2,112,111
  • 189 | 246 | 73

This profitable auto service and repair business was established in 1976 by the current owner, and has only become more successful.  This business has grown significantly over the years and has an exceptional reputation.  The multiple streams of revenue feed one another and bring stability throughout the year.  They just added a new alignment machine, and put on a new roof; here’s a chance to take on an expanding business! This very unique business opportunity may not be around long, so don't hesitate on this one.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the southwest quarter of Minnesota today!  The establishment is priced to include $85,000 of Equipment, Fixtures and Furnishings; there is a possible option on the Building and Property at an additional cost.  Ask for Portfolio #0275

  • $649,000
  • MN
  • $85,000
  • $181,474
  • $914,087
  • 299 | 429 | 301 | 426

  For over seventy years this accounting firm has been serving Individuals and Businesses alike in Northern Idaho. Purchased in the early 1980's by the current owners, this firm has had consistent and immense success by offering everything from income tax preparation, payroll & accounting services to bill management and auditing. Located in the heart of it's community, the firm is very visible and easily accessible. Although the business already has a substantial market share of it's trade area, the potential to increase the customer base & profit is very good. Assets are to include $1,000 in average inventory and $15,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Building & Property are valued at $80,000. Call us today!

  • $495,000
  • ID
  • $96,000
  • $172,382
  • $394,520
  • 62 | 463 | 462

Over 90 years of service to the southwest quarter of Ohio lays this successful Gravestone & Monument Business.  Specializing in retail sale, manufacturing and installation of the finest quality granite that "lasts forever"  for gravestones, monuments & mausoleums.  The owners purchased the long standing business in 1991 and have continued exceptional customer service to clients during a difficult time.  This company takes pride in the impeccable craftsmanship and artistry that seems less prevalent in most other similar companies.  The current owners are ready to retire and know this business will keep producing sales for a new motivated entrepreneur.  Assets are to include $121,000 in equipment & vehicles, $10,000 in fixtures & furnishings.  Approximately $170,000 in average inventory & $9,000 in other assets.  Ask for portfolio #37.

  • $295,000
  • OH
  • $310,000
  • $35,482
  • $280,585
  • 107 | 225 | 420

Come to southern Montana to see how this well reputable Concrete Repair Company can make you prosper in a great location!  Whether the phenomenal customer base needs concrete breaking or removal, grinding or sawing this company is the one they call.  The current owner established the business in 1989, has been successful  since but is reaching retirement.  Currently being ran as a two man operation this business has plenty of opportunity for growth with a dedicated entrepreneur.  Contact us today!  Assets are to include $150,000 in equipment & vehicles, $1,000 in fixtures & furniture.  Approximately $30,000 in average inventory.  Ask for portfolio #551.

  • $275,000
  • MT
  • $181,000
  • $59,598
  • $135,660
  • 113
Related Business Categories: Concrete Work

Initially a dairy co-op in 1958, this Meat Processing Plant has been in operation since 1983 by the current owner.  This business offers full services of processing live animals from slaughter to packaging.  Cattle, hogs, deer and the occasional sheep or goat are processed to the customers specifications.  The business rents individual locker space to local customers for an additional revenue stream.   Currently, the business is not USDA approved.  A new owner could obtain this approval easily and increase the revenue stream.  Assets are to include $42,500 in fixtures, furnishings & equipment.  Approximately$3,500 in average inventory.  Building and property valued at $70,000.  Ask for portfolio #518.  

  • $195,000
  • MN
  • $116,000
  • $81,229
  • $143,862
  • 289

This oil & gas industry related business was established in 2008, by the current owners.  The business has grown significantly over the years and has established an exceptional reputation within the oil & gas industry.  This business specializes in pipe maintenance, repair and service.  It is located in a very active area of the country for a business in this field.  This is a very unique business opportunity and may not last long so don't miss out.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the southeast corner of New Mexico.  Assets are to include $250,000 of equipment and vehicles, $20,000 of fixtures and furnishings and approximately $404,750 in average inventory.  Building and property are valued at $325,000.  Ask for portfolio #232

  • $925,000
  • NM
  • $999,750
  • $739,438
  • 92

This extraordinary business was established by current owners in 1963.   It is the oldest operating rock shop within its area.  The business sells not only rocks but minerals, gems, crystals, fossils, and jewelry.  This business is well equipped to cut and polish stones from small to large.   Assets include $20,000 in inventory, $25,000 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings.  Building and property is valued at $50,000.  Priced at $325,000.  Located in East central Wyoming.  Ask for Portfolio #0043. 

  • $250,000
  • WY
  • $95,000
  • $34,193
  • $59,640
  • 359 | 362 | 382

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