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Ohio is home to diversity and growth

Mar 27, 2023

Choosing Ohio as the place to start or grow your business may not seem like a clear choice if you’ve always imagined yourself living on the coast, but the midwest can be just as bustling as large cities are. Ohio has a huge workforce, is business friendly and is filled with economic development teams to help move your company forward. With a diverse number of industries, there’s a business opportunity no matter your interests – as well as an experienced population willing to work hard to put your company on top.

The culture of Ohio is very appealing to families as well. The state is filled with friendly communities, affordable housing and plenty of activities whether you’re in the city or the country. You can watch Lebron James play basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Quicken Loans Arena, or take time to learn about our military at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Industries in Ohio


The automotive industry in Ohio is one of the largest in the country and is a huge workforce in the state. From auto part production to the assembly of automobiles, the easy access to steel and glass in Ohio has helped to build the industry. In fact, all aspects of the automobile industry – from production of materials to production of parts to the actual building of the vehicles – making it one of the strongest industries in the state. The easy access to glass and steel makes housing the industry smart, and with more than 600 automotive establishments there’s plenty of ways to work in the business. Ohio is home to companies like Honda, General Motors Company and Ford Motor Company.


Ohio is considered the birthplace of aviation and the aerospace industry impacts the economy through Wright Patterson Air Force Base and NASA Glenn Research Center. The industry employs more than 130,000 aerospace workers in Ohio. Some companies include GE Aviation, Parker Hannifin and UTC Aerospace Systems. There are more than 1250 shops that work on aviation parts, and almost 40,000 aerospace employees! Airbus and Boeing don’t just transport people in flight, in Ohio they drive the economy, as the state is the number one supplier of them.


Ever wonder where your refrigerator or toaster were made? It’s possible that Ohio is just the place it was manufactured. Whirlpool Corporation, as well as Procter and Gamble, are both located in the buckeye state. In fact, half of Whirlpool’s U.S. based employees are in Ohio. The need for KitchenAid mixers, microwaves and blenders isn’t slowing down, and because of that the manufacturing industry in Ohio continues to rise.

Agriculture and Food Processing

Ohio might manufacture appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, but the state also provides the food that fills the fridge and is cooked. About 14 percent of jobs in Ohio are centered around food and agriculture. Food processes range from the cultivation and processing of food to the distribution of food and drinks worldwide. Crops like corn and soybeans are the top crops in Ohio. Retail grocery stores are also huge. Kroger is employer to more than 39,000 employees. Add in the fact that Ohio has such a great location for distribution, and it’s no wonder that processing and distribution facilities are successful.


Though it isn’t as thriving as aerospace or manufacturing, Steel is still a big money maker in Ohio. Oil and gas production increases mean a jump in related sectors, such as steel. Steel is used to drill and harvest both of these products, making it an important portion of the natural resource industry.

Distribution and logistics

The best part of the location of Ohio is that it makes it an awesome place for distribution. Because it’s in the midwest it is a central spot in the U.S. There are roads, railways and even air to make the transportation of manufactured goods possible. In fact, manufactured goods thrive in Ohio because of it’s distribution possibilities, and distribution thrives because of the aerospace and manufacturing industries located in the state. The great transportation systems makes the exporting of goods easier. It employs almost 150,000 employees.

What else does Ohio have to offer?

Ohio’s wide range of industries is part of what makes it such an attractive option when it comes time to pick a place to buy or start a business. One of the best parts of living in an area where agriculture, food processing and manufacturing are so strong is that combined, these industries can create one great place of business. In fact, restaurants and food companies thrive in Ohio. Many restaurants and cafes are for sale and it’s no wonder why – there’s access to fresh, local produce as well as easy access to the products and appliances that support a business like a restaurant. Because Ohio is great for manufacturing, it means getting all of the supplies needed to start a business is much easier.

Franchises are also popular businesses to buy or sell. Ohio is very much a place where locally owned businesses thrive, but it’s also somewhere that a franchise can thrive. Whether it’s in fitness and food or retail, a franchise can be a great way to make a living.

Finally, the best thing Ohio has to offer business owners, as well as their families, is the low cost of living. Low living costs means that buying land for a house, or a business, isn’t as much of a risk. It can also mean spending money elsewhere for the business, like upgrades to the interior or hiring a larger staff. A low living cost in a state can really help to jumpstart a business, especially when you’re moving from somewhere that has a higher cost of living overall.

Making the move to Ohio to start or buy a business can be a great decision for you and your family. It’s important to look at how the industries throughout the state can benefit the specific industry you enter.