montana businesses for sale by owner

Montana Businesses for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Jul 31, 2023

Exploring Lucrative Business Opportunities in Montana: A Guide to Buying or Starting a Business

Montana, known as the “Treasure State,” offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking or start a business. With its breathtaking landscapes, thriving economy, and supportive business ecosystem, Montana provides a promising environment for those seeking new ventures.

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of buying Montana businesses for sale, focusing on businesses for sale by owner. We will also highlight important factors to consider when making such a decision.

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A Wealth of Businesses for Sale by Owner:

One of the key advantages of Montana is the availability of businesses for sale by owner. This presents a unique opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to acquire an existing business that aligns with their interests and goals. Whether it’s a retail store, a restaurant, a service-based business, or a manufacturing enterprise, Montana offers a diverse range of businesses on the market.

Saving Time and Resources:

Buying an existing business in Montana can save you significant time and resources compared to starting a business from scratch. An established business already has a customer base, proven systems, and operational processes in place. This means you can bypass the challenges of setting up the initial infrastructure and focus on growing the business and implementing your own ideas.

Inheriting a Trained and Experienced Workforce:

When you buy an existing business, you inherit a trained and experienced staff. This eliminates the need for upfront recruitment and training. An existing workforce allows you to hit the ground running. The employees’ knowledge of the business, industry, and local market can be invaluable in ensuring the continued success of the business.

Established Supplier and Vendor Relationships:

Another advantage of buying an existing business in Montana is the established relationships with suppliers and vendors. These relationships have been built over time, ensuring a reliable supply chain and favorable terms. By acquiring an existing business, you can leverage these relationships and avoid the challenges of establishing new ones, saving you time and potential headaches.

Montana businesses for sale by owner

Montana businesses for sale by owner

Existing Cash Flow:

Starting a new business often involves a period of initial cash outflow before generating revenue. However, when buying an existing business, you benefit from an existing cash flow. This means you can start generating income from day one, reducing financial stress and providing stability as you implement your vision for the business.

Supportive Business Ecosystem:

Montana boasts a supportive business ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. The state government offers various resources, such as financial incentives, tax breaks, and training programs for new and existing businesses. Additionally, Montana has a strong network of business associations, chambers of commerce, and mentorship programs that provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs.

Quality of Life and Natural Beauty:

One cannot overlook the exceptional quality of life and natural beauty that Montana offers. Known for its stunning vistas and views, captivating national parks, and outdoor recreational activities, Montana attracts tourists and residents alike. This creates opportunities for businesses in the tourism, hospitality, and outdoor adventure sectors. Furthermore, the state’s low population density and affordable housing make it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking for a peaceful yet vibrant lifestyle.

What’s Your Business in Montana?

Named after the Spanish word for mountains, Montana has a lot of wide open spaces, making it an ideal place to raise animals, mine and grow crops. However, if you are looking for businesses for sale in Montana, you don’t have to worry; farming, mining and cattle raising will not be your only options.

Before you start any business in Montana, it would help to know what drives the economy there.

Montana’s Top Industries


Beef cattle are Montana’s most important livestock product. The big spaces of the state make it ideal to raise cattle, and some of the country’s biggest cattle ranches are located in Montana, which is the second-largest state in terms of total agricultural acreage, next only to Texas.

There is also a market for dairy cattle and sheep, as well as hogs.

A third of Montana’s agricultural income is provided by crops. Wheat is the state’s leading crop product. Barley and hay are also important crops as well as beans, potatoes and sugar beets. The major fruit produced in Montana is the black cherry.

As of last year the agricultural sector of the state was valued at $4.1 billion.


The “Last Best Place” prides itself in it service. And in this sector, it’s the fields of community, business and personal services that lead. These include private health care, motels, repair shops and even law firms which post the biggest income in this sector.

Wholesale and retail rank second, covering areas like food products, motor vehicles and the operation of restaurants, discount stores, grocery stores and gas stations. Trade and government services like the operation of public schools and hospitals, military bases and Native American reservations are also second.

Services like financing, insurance and real estate rank third in this sector.

Last year this industry was valued at $6.1 billion.


There’s never a shortage of construction work in Montana. Apart from the usual buildings that have to be constructed and regularly maintained, the state has to have infrastructure to keep those wide open spaces connected. As it stands, the state currently has almost 75,000 miles of public roads and 7,241 miles of major roads, all of which need upkeep.

Those roads pass 5,126 bridges and crisscross 3,173 miles of freight railroads. Montana also has 105 high-hazard dams and 88 miles of levees.

Last year the industry was valued at $6.1 billion.

Montana businesses for sale by owner


Coal and petroleum are Montana’s leading mined products, but the state can also produce gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, fluorite, zinc, phosphorous, antimony, tungsten, lead and even gemstones depending on the demand and labor availability.

Montana is also the country’s leading producer of talc, which is useful in many industries like the production of paper, plastics and paint. Talc is also used in rubber, electrical cables and even in pharmaceuticals and food.

Not all mining in Montana is big multimillion-dollar operations; there are small mines and big mines, and there are also underground mines, surface mines and mining claims. Claims are often put up as businesses for sale.

Montana has strict mining regulations; before any ground is disturbed, mining companies must ensure complete reclamation and remediation of exploration and mining sites.


Petroleum refineries are the major manufacturing activity in Montana. The second biggest area involves wood; the state can produce lumber and wood products like construction-grade lumber, plywood, pencils, prefab housing parts and telephone poles.

Food product manufacturers like meatpacking, soft drink bottling, milk processing and grain milling follow at third.

Montana also produces fabricated metal parts, furniture, machinery, apparel, nonmetallic mineral products and leather, among other products.


Whether you choose to buy an existing business or start a new venture, Montana provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurial success. The abundance of businesses for sale by owner, the advantages of acquiring an established business, the supportive business ecosystem, and the state’s natural beauty all contribute to making Montana an enticing destination for entrepreneurs. By carefully considering your interests, goals, and the market landscape, you can make an informed decision and embark on a rewarding business journey in the “Treasure State.”

Remember, regardless of the path you choose, thorough research, careful planning, and a passion for your chosen industry are essential ingredients for success. Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavor in Montana!

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