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Industries in Arkansas – The Natural State

Mar 27, 2023

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There are many wonderful states across the southern part of the United States to live in, but Arkansas, also known as The Natural State, is one that draws families and keeps them. It has a low cost of living, great business opportunities and beautiful views. There are career opportunities in various industries which means there are plenty of workers to hire for your business. The communities in Arkansas continue to expand and tourists come to the state to be a part of annual events and festivals. Arkansas is a good state to live and work, to relocate, raise kids and to grow your business. Some of the popular industries in the state include agriculture, mining, manufacturing and services of all kinds from wholesale businesses to retail and transportation. If you’re looking to buy or expand your business in Arkansas, chances are there’s a good, pocket-friendly way to do it.

Industries in The Natural State


Known as The Natural State, it’s no wonder Arkansas has a thriving agriculture industry. Farmlands cover a huge portion of the state and livestock makes up much of the state’s revenue.

Livestock is one of the top revenue generators in Arkansas. Animals like chicken, turkeys and aquaculture, as well as cattle and calves, make up a large portion of the livestock produced in the state. Chickens are often sold as chicken parts or whole chickens (they’re also known as broilers) and are the most popular livestock item to sell. Along with Georgia, Arkansas is one of the top broiler producers in the U.S. Chicken eggs also are a big part of livestock production.

Along with livestock are crops. Arkansas’s top crop is rice, but it’s also a big producer of soybeans, corn, cotton and wheat. The rice in Arkansas makes up about 45 percent of the nation’s rice supply and it is the 10th largest soybean producer in the country as well. The state is valuable in producing crops for the U.S. that are staples in many American families’ homes.

Agriculture can be a great family business to buy. It’s a way for kids to learn and for a family to pass on their legacy. It’s also a wonderful way to spend time outdoors and keep an active job.


Gas, petroleum oil and bromine are just some of the more popular items that are mined in Arkansas. Natural gas mined from northwest Arkansas is one of the state’s most valuable products, with petroleum being the second. It’s filled with oil fields along the Louisiana border. Arkansas is the largest producer of Bromine, which is used as a gasoline additive and in dyes. Although mining is one of the top industries for The Natural State, it could be a harder business to break into but could flourish greatly if you succeed.


Manufacturing is another industry that seems to be booming in Arkansas. Along with cotton manufacturing, food products are a big ticket item. Some of the products manufactured include bakery goods, meats, milk, canned veggies and rice. Tyson, which is the world’s largest poultry producer, is located in Arkansas, which makes sense since broilers are the top livestock in the state. Paper products are another item that are produced largely. Things like boxes, paper, cardstock and paper towels are just some things that are made there. Other than food and paper, there are factories for things like metal, plastics, and rubber items. Manufacturing businesses can be great to own because there is such a diverse number of items you could produce and if you own other businesses you could use each other to your own advantage. For example, a livestock business specializing in chicken could also own a chicken manufacturing company. Find something you love and make that your manufacturing business.


Arkansas is a mix of major cities and small towns which means outside of farms and factories, there are a variety of businesses that are successful and in need. Some of the leading industries are retail and grocery stores. Chain retailer Wal-Mart is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. These types of businesses work well because they’re always needed and can be as specialized (farm product stores, automotive stores, etc.) or as general (grocers, clothes, food) as the area they’re located in needs. If you have a hobby or interest, a store that revolves around that could be a good way to make your hobby your business.

Transportation in Arkansas is also important. With so much manufacturing of products, the raising of livestock and crops, and the mining of oil, there has to be a way for business owners in the state to send their products across the U.S. Especially if you own a factory or business that creates a product that isn’t available in other states, it’s crucial to have a way to transport it. With big name companies such as Wal-Mart and Tyson in the state, a transportation service is a good business to own because there will always be large, national brands to transport to different areas of the U.S.

Arkansas is a state filled with outdoor activities, affordable living, family values and many business opportunities. If you want to make your hobby your business, it’s a place that could make that possible. Why not own a business in Arkansas?