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Georgia Businesses for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

by | Mar 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Georgia is known for its southern charm and delicious peaches, but there’s so much more to this state than cobblers and country. Georgia’s economy comprises everything from food processing companies to customer service centers and is home to many company headquarters and a large entertainment hub. Buying a business in Georgia is an excellent option for entrepreneurs or business-minded people looking to own or grow their businesses.

Industries in Georgia

The industries in Georgia are so diverse that there’s likely an option for owners with various interests. Things like business headquarters or call centers are a big part of the Georgia economy and entertainment businesses for games and films.

There’s no business like show business, and although it isn’t Hollywood or New York City, Georgia still boasts a big film and production industry that gives business owners of all areas a way to succeed in this southern state. The state has excellent financial incentives for production teams, many resources and beautiful scenery to shoot.

For those looking to buy a business in Georgia specializing in location scouting, production catering, hair and makeup, lighting and props, or even security, being a part of Georgia’s film and television industry could mean big bucks and success. In previous years, Georgia’s production industry had a considerable impact on the state’s economy – it impacted the economy by $6 billion!


Other entertainment businesses include digital media and software companies. This part of the industry is excellent for an individual who wants to buy Georgia businesses but isn’t as concerned with the glitz and glam of being on set. Whether it’s games and animation, developing apps and entertainment technology, or creating software to support a television production, there are many ways to become a competitive digital media company. The state’s great academic talent pool and entrepreneurial environment can help you and your employees learn, grow and become top leaders.

If the entertainment industry isn’t your style, consider the customer service industry in Georgia. Contact centers are a big business. They keep customers of significant, nationwide companies happy, but with a local owner or manager, companies can know they have the quality assurance they desire. There’s a significant workforce available, and contact centers have low operating costs.

Many headquarters for big companies are also located in Georgia, which is essential because those large companies often need support from other local companies. Businesses that help train a workforce, lower production costs or even take care of typical building needs like cleaning or maintenance can be a great area to specialize in and take advantage of the big businesses in the state. These companies are looking to capitalize by being in Georgia, and it’s wise for a small business to capitalize from these companies.


Why Georgia?

Overall, the industries in Georgia are vast, but that’s not the only reason to buy business here. There are substantial talent pools in technology, multimedia and customer service-related industries, outstanding universities to find interns and employees, and resources to help new and experienced business owners succeed. The cost of living is moderate, the cost of doing business is even lower, and there’s an unmatched quality of life. Buying a business for sale in Georgia could be a great way to experience southern hospitality.