Avoid Starting from Scratch – Find Your Green Business for Sale by Owner

May 5, 2011

Are you passionate about the environment?  Are you itching to start our own green business to serve the needs of your community?  A number of would-be entrepreneurs are looking for a green business for sale by owner as an alternative to starting from scratch.  Not only are existing businesses a lot easier to manage; when you buy a green business for sale by owner, you can get much more favorable financing terms than you would as a start-up. 

The economy may have kept you from pursuing your dream of starting a green business, or perhaps you haven’t yet found a good source of venture capital, but any entrepreneur will tell you -small business loans for brand new businesses can be hard to come by these days.  One of the primary advantages of dealing directly with the owner is the potential of seller-assisted financing.  Another reason to deal with the owner is to get more insight into the daily operations of the business, and determine if it is really a good fit before investing.

Here are a few examples of recent listings of green businesses for sale by owner that I found on BizSale.com.  Many opportunities like this may exist in your area. 

Solar Water Heating Systems – As more homeowners start to realize the tax benefits that come from installing solar panels, they are also learning about solar water heaters.  In addition to being a great way to cut energy costs for consumers, these green businesses can be a lucrative investment with the potential to grow very quickly.

Green Consulting Businesses – As heating and energy costs continue to rise; green consulting has become increasingly popular.  Green consultants can help businesses and individuals put together a decisive plan of action that will cut down on energy costs. From waste management to solar heating and weather stripping, consultants will be in great demand over the next decade, and they present a turnkey opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a green business for sale by owner.

Green Building Contractors – One of the fastest growing sectors of the building industry is green building, a discipline that includes a number of different businesses.  Architects, contractors, construction companies and building materials manufacturers might all be considered green building specialists, as long as they focus on the materials and methods that are least damaging to the environment. 

These are just a few examples of the green businesses for sale by owner at BizSale.com.  Find out more by visiting their directory of “for sale by owner” businesses.