Michigan Businesses for Sale by Owner (FSBO) Directory

When it comes to buying a business for sale by owner, buying a business in Michigan could be a smart decision for you and your family. The state is a top-ranked pro-business state, it’s got a great business climate and it’s also a wonderful place to start or grow your family. The business climate in Michigan continues to grow stronger and the beauty, activities, education system and affordable cost of living allow the idea of taking over or starting a business in a new place to be realistic. Buying a business for sale by owner in Michigan could be right for you.

How Michigan Helps

Many states offer incentives and deals in order to get businesses to bring their companies to that state, and Michigan is no different. The state not only has a fair tax plan to help small businesses, but it also offers a good amount of assistance for businesses to grow and thrive. The state’s resources help support things like business incubators or business services. Even when it comes to things like finding a talent pool to fill open positions at your new business, Michigan has you covered and can connect you to job seekers.

Industries in Michigan

The industries in Michigan that make it a great state for success include aerospace, agriculture and automotive, just to name a few.


Agriculture and businesses rooted in agriculture is what makes it the second best state for agricultural diversity. Agriculture contributes more than $100 billion yearly to Michigan’s economy. Think of brands like Kellogg’s, Vlasic, and Gerber. These food companies create their products in Michigan, which in turn is not only creating an affordable goods production system for them, but it supports the growth of crops, distribution, and other food related business. As agri-business in Michigan grows, companies are becoming more prone to using new technologies like flash-freezing to increase product quality, which then supports the growth and success of agriculture based businesses. Buying a business in Michigan that supports agricultural business could be a way to get a foot in the door of this billion dollar churning industry.


Aerospace is a big industry for Michigan. There are more than 600 related companies, and with the success that’s being had, there’s always room for mow. Whether it’s manufacturing, engineering, or support, aerospace companies in Michigan have the support they need to remain successful. Universities in the state even boast complete departments and programs focused on the industry, making it easier for entrepreneurs to find talent.


Automotive companies are probably the most important industry in Michigan. The state produces the largest amount of vehicles in the country and has a large number of automotive suppliers in the state. The technologies being developed for automotives mean that buying a business in this industry could eventually lead to even bigger opportunities for you.

The Michigan Lifestyle

Despite the popular industries and many incentives of buying a business for sale in Michigan, the other determining factor for many business owners is what their lifestyle in a new state will be like. In Michigan, it’ll be about the great outdoors, the arts, the great education opportunities and the affordable cost of living. The state is surrounded by four of the Great Lakes, plus there are thousands of inland lakes throughout the state. Activities to partake in include everything from fishing and boating to watching sports teams like the Detroit Red Wings. If you’d rather eat and drink, there are hundreds of craft breweries and wineries to quench your thirst for local business as well. The best part of Michigan? The low cost of living that allows bus

Michigan has a rich talent pool, is taking leaps in technology, and helps keep huge industries like automotive and agriculture alive. Why not take a chance and buy a business for sale by owner in Pure Michigan?

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