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stress free travelAs you’ve probably heard many times before, business travels are a special breed of people.  Not everyone is cut out for living out of a suitcase, dealing with airport delays, or spending so much time away from home.  But for those road warriors among us who have found a way to cope with this lifestyle, there are some very simple tricks that make business travel easier.   The only reason I’m able to keep up with my travel schedule is by applying these tips that I’ve acquired along the way. 

Most of these tips aren’t so secret, and most can be applied to both business and personal travel.  Try them out and see for yourself how much they cut down on the stress of traveling.

profitable small businessRunning a small business is tough; especially one that requires your full attention every single day.  And while there’s nothing wrong with a little “sweat equity,” some people want to remain behind the scenes and let the experts handle the details.  This may mean keeping an existing management team in place or working with an equal partner who will make sure the business operates smoothly.  Or, if you’re really just in in for the investment, it’s possible to remain completely hands-off as a business owner.

With the stock market still shaky and global markets a huge risk; investors would normally turn to real estate, but that’s no longer a safe investment either. Buying a small business seems to allow for much greater profitability if it is done wisely and with a keen sense of what’s “hot” right now.

It seems as if there’s a silver lining amidst all the scary economic news.  Surprisingly, this is a terrific time to become an entrepreneur.  Businesses are priced right and are often available at bargain prices with seller-assisted financing.  But many people don’t have experience negotiating a deal, and they need help buying a small business.  Where can you go to start learning about business ownership?  There are numerous websites devoted to entrepreneurship, but the best ones feature a directory of existing businesses for sale.

Are you frustrated with the corporate world?  Worried about job security?  Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking for ideas for buying a business.  Whether you want to start your own company or buy someone else’s, the toughest part is often choosing a business model.

There are plenty of websites that will help you with ideas for buying a business, but the selection you make will depend a lot on your personal goals.  For example, do you want to become a billionaire in your lifetime?  Are you looking for a family business that can be passed along to your kids?  Will you be using the income from this business to supplement your retirement income?  How much time do you expect to spend working at the business?

If you’ve ever considered owning and managing your own business, you may have also realized how risky it can be.  Many small business owners found the economy too challenging over the past few years and decided to give it up for more profitable ventures, but that hasn’t deterred budding entrepreneurs from buying a small business.  In fact, many believe that now is the best time to invest in existing businesses.  If you ask a business broker or veteran entrepreneur to give you tips for buying a small business, the answers you get will be all across the board, but here are my top five -

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