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business friendly statesExpanding your business is easy when you plan to stay in the same state, but many franchisors and large corporations are scouting out new locations across the country.  If you are planning a multi-state expansion, it helps to know ahead of time which states are most “business-friendly.” 

hiring for small businessToday’s job market is not unlike the housing market; it can be awesome or abysmal, depending on which side of the desk you’re sitting on.  If you happen to own a small business that is in hiring mode, you are in an enviable position.  Instead of searching for that ideal management candidate who can afford to work at a startup, you may find yourself deciding between several overly qualified MBAs.  There is no doubt that this is a great time to hire, especially if you own a small business. 

business womenWomen get a bad rap sometimes; especially when it comes to male-dominated activities like sports and business.  It’s not uncommon to hear guys rant about female drivers or make a make patronizing comments about women in leadership positions.  However, the facts are that women are less accident-prone on the road and they seem to have a better aptitude for many business management skills. 

business people handshakingEver since the recession started in 2008, business commentators and financial analysts have been telling the American public how hard it is to get a small business loan.  They say accessing business credit – whether in the form of loans, business credit cards, or working capital advances – is practically impossible without an impeccable credit history.  The problem is, most small businesses owners haven’t had time to build a credit rating for their company and they end up financing their business using personal assets, hence the belief that only wealthy Americans can start their own business. 

starting a businessAre you tired of worrying about your job security?  Perhaps you’re ready to quit the 9 to 5 job and work on your side business full-time.   Maybe you are exhausted from trying to lead a “double life” until it’s time to be a full-time business owner.  The question of when to take the plunge is the biggest dilemma for entrepreneurs.  If you leave too soon you may run out of cash too quickly, but if you wait too long you may miss the best growth opportunities. 

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