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family businessThere's a new breed of entrepreneurs out there, and they're not looking for funding. They know their business well, perhaps a little too well, but they need some new ideas. Some might call them fortunate, or even fortune-seekers, but they all have one thing in common – they are the next generation of a family business. From birth they knew that one day the baton would be handed over; they just didn't know when.

best cities for businessIt happens every year. Business publications and retail trade magazines publish their annual "list" editions, where they inform entrepreneurs about the best places to start a business, buy a franchise or get a tax break. According to a recent article in The Fiscal Times, "The 10 Hottest Spots to Start a Small Business," it is a combination of factors that makes certain metropolitan areas more attractive for business owners. As more Americans are starting businesses than at any time within the past fifteen years, certain cities have emerged as the top spots for running a profitable enterprise.

work smarterOver the past five years, as companies have downsized, employees have been pushed beyond the limits of a typical 9 to 5 workday. In order to get everything done workers are getting into the office earlier and staying longer than ever. But are these long hours really necessary? If you want to achieve balance in your life and get more accomplished in less time, try working smarter instead of longer.

The whole concept of working smarter may seem like an old cliché, but if you can achieve this it will change your life. It takes some effort, but isn't it worth it if your entire working life gets easier? Take the time and the tedium out of almost any task by learning to work smarter.

small business capitalIf you start searching the web for help in raising capital for a small business, it may surprise you how many articles have been written about this topic. But as someone who routinely researches funding ideas online, I've become quite skeptical about most of the "helpful tips" offered by so-called business consultants. Most are written by lenders disguising themselves as entrepreneurs. It is for this reason that I've compiled a list of the six best ways I've found to raise capital without going to a bank.

protect business divorceMany positive things have been written about the benefits of starting a family business. Not only does it provide job security for the current generation; it adds stability for the family's future. A successful business gives a family more flexibility and a clearer path to the American dream. But what happens when a couple gets divorced?

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