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business creditIt may seem simple enough at first: write a business plan, find some investors, get a business loan and hang a shingle. While that may seem like the path to success, trying to navigate the world of credit and lending might feel like a vicious circle. As many new business owners soon find out, traditional lenders are often reluctant to loosen their purse strings until a business has a strong, proven credit history. But how can your business develop a record when no one will help you get started?

business accounting softwarePerhaps a new POS system doesn't integrate with your bookkeeping programs, or you are still creating your own Excel templates to manage the business. Accounting software was once used to track expenditures such as overhead and payroll, but now it encompasses everything from POS to inventory. Is it time to make the switch to a new system? It all depends on your comfort level with using automated accounting software, but more and more retail business owners are enjoying improved functionality across all segments of their operation.

start a businessThis may sound like a contradiction, but a business degree really isn't necessary to run a business. Despite all the well-meaning parents out there who strongly recommend it, entrepreneurs are not "cookie cutter" business majors.

If business ownership is your aspiration, it never hurts to have an education, but a true entrepreneur makes his or her own destiny. You will rarely need an impressive-looking resume; and for that matter you really don't need a degree at all. Believe it or not, one of the best things college can do is teach you discipline. You might also meet some valuable business connections while you're there.

fast food restaurantEvery business model has its own set of challenges and rewards, and the fast food business is no exception. Many owner-operators who have chosen fast food enterprises have no idea what they are signing up for until they get started, and they will tell you there is no shortage of excitement. But the most exciting part about starting this type of business isn't the food; it's the earning potential!

selling a businessOne of the most stressful times in an entrepreneur's life is when they prepare to sell their business. Whether the reasons are family-related, financially motivated or just retirement, there is always a certain amount of fear about the unknown. If you are considering a business listing in a "for sale by owner" directory, or placing an ad in an industry publication, you might want to do some homework first.

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