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With a questionable job market and diminished income becoming a reality for many workers, the idea of starting a business is becoming more and more favorable.  However, starting a business can still be risky. Before you start searching for businesses for sale, consider a few money saving tips.

Over the past 18 months, a grueling recession and record-setting unemployment have caused millions of Americans to rethink their career paths.  Gone are the days when one can expect to stay at the same company for an entire career.  Job security seems to be a thing of the past, and even retirement seems far out of reach.  Worse yet, as the size of the workforce dwindles, employers are expecting more from those who remain employed.  Frustrated and angry American workers are beginning to wonder if remaining an “employee” is really worth the sacrifice. 

In many states, commercial leases are not covered under consumer protection laws that normally safeguard tenant rights. It is assumed that commercial leases are contracts between knowledgeable business people, and therefore less government regulation is needed than in residential leases. Thus it is essential to scrutinize every aspect of the lease and renegotiate unfavorable terms before signing.

A majority of the small businesses in the United States are operated as sole proprietorships. This type of business organization is the simplest and is the form usually chosen by the one-person business, in which the owner and worker are the same person (although sole proprietorships can have employees). Its primary advantage is its ease of formation; its most important disadvantages are (1) it can have only one owner and (2) the owner is individually responsible for all losses of the

The sales agreement is the key document in buying the business assets or stock of a corporation. It is important to make sure the agreement is accurate and contains all the terms of the purchase. It would be a good idea to have an attorney review this document. It is in this agreement that you should define everything that you intent to purchase of the business, assets, customer lists, intellectual property, and goodwill.

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