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As a Colorado business broker, I often hear sellers lament that selling an existing business in today’s economic climate is a losing proposition.  But the truth is, selling a business is not the same as selling a piece of real estate; the value of a business depends on a lot more than the current economy, and the method of business valuation that you use.

Any broker will tell you; business valuation can get quite complicated.  A business broker uses financial tools and advisors to apply specific calculations to the company’s gross revenues, cash flow, and annual growth depending on the type of business it is. Then, the assets of the business are valuated separately.  These include the physical property of the business, if owned, plus equipment, inventory and financial assets. 

While there is no surefire formula for starting a business that thrives in a recession; there are still some industries that do better than others.  Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best way to remain competitive in a bear market, so they spend a lot of time studying the most profitable businesses to buy during a recession.  Overall, research has shown that companies who offer necessary products and services at competitive prices will do well in difficult times.

Not all entrepreneurs are comfortable working behind a desk all day, and not every business owner is only interested in profits.  The truth is, most successful business owners are those who follow their passions.  If you have always dreamed of becoming a pastry chef or making the best cheesecake in town, then maybe it’s time to buy a bakery.

Starting a retail baking or baked goods business can be something that starts out as “just a hobby”.  Maybe you’ve been selling your famous muffins or chocolate chip cookies to local cafes and demand has grown well beyond what you can handle part-time.  Or perhaps you already own a bakery and you’re looking to buy a second bakery business in a different part of town.  When your “brand” is already successful locally, it is a lot easier to open a second store. 

Perhaps you were recently “liberated” from a stressful job in corporate America and you just don’t have the desire to jump right back into that world. Or maybe you are finally able to realize your dream of entrepreneurship and do something you love in a home-based business.  Whatever your reasons, before you can be your own boss, it is important to perfect your “business concept”.   A home business is usually the least expensive way to get started, but do you know the best home business to start

The best ideas for starting a small business usually spring from your passions, interests and natural talents, and how these may be used to fill a need in a specific industry or community.  When you come up with the perfect match between your abilities and resources, and find a way to market yourself effectively, you are in business!

Trends in retailing are in a constant state of flux, but nowhere are these changes more evident than with convenient stores for sale.  Catering to the younger generation of customers between the ages of 16 and 30 years old can be very tricky for traditional retailers, and this audience is most certainly a “moving target”.  But the “millennial” generation is also the largest audience for convenience stores.

Convenience store businesses can be very lucrative, especially if they are in the right location.  That’s why it is so important to conduct exhaustive research before buying one. 

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