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advertising a businessSelling a business isn't as easy as selling a car or selling a home. But if you're savvy and you understand the basics marketing it can be quite profitable. The problem that most business owners face is how to keep the business running while looking for a buyer, all the while keeping the sale confidential. As tricky as this can be, online business directories make it a whole lot easier.

business valuationWhen you're entering the world of business ownership for the first time, it may be tempting to believe everything you are told by the current owner, but even the most honest-looking sellers can twist the truth a little. In a questionable economy where every dollar counts, it's important to check with a business valuation specialist before you make the decision to buy. Business brokers will rely on a number of different industry-specific formulas and other sources to help you come up with the right bidding price, but it helps if you understand their methodology.

business for saleWe all know the value of “staging” a home for potential buyers before an open house, and getting a car detailed before we sell it, but for some reason entrepreneurs do very little to make their business more marketable.  Maybe they figure they’ve poured enough time, money and energy into the enterprise and they just want to get their money and move on.  But in this competitive environment, is that really the best approach for your business?

It’s nice to know that almost anything can be bought and sold online these days.  Web sites like Ebay and Amazon have made it possible for people to earn a living by simply buying low and selling higher.  But when it comes to selling a business, most people cannot imagine how that would be done online.  Businesses have real property, competitors, leases, contracts, employees and more.  They may have vehicles, warehouses and complicated debt.  But in today’s fast-paced world it is possible to buy and sell a business online.

Whether they plan to go through a business broker or sell the business on their own, small business owners are starting the sales process by posting a listing in a business opportunities directory.  These online directories can be local or national in scope, and generally allow visitors to search for businesses by state, industry and price range.  Many sellers wonder if it matters which business directory they are in, and I always tell them to look for the directories that come to the top of the Google search rankings.  The better optimized the site is, the more likely your listing will be seen when people search by keyword.

Every time a business owner decides to cash out or retire, the same questions inevitably arise.  Reading the FAQ section on a business directory is often the best way to get the intelligence you need to sell a business; but keep in mind that every transfer of ownership is unique.  Therefore, the most important questions you ask will be those that you ask yourself.  Before you embark on the sale of your business, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you ready to sell your business?

Even when it makes good financial sense to sell your company, you may not be emotionally ready for the sale.  Ask yourself what you will do with your time after the business is sold.  Are you sure you will not have “seller’s remorse” when handing the keys to the new owner?

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