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Before you put your business up for sale this year, you may want to give careful consideration to your reasons for doing it.  Beyond all the negotiation and marketing concepts, this is some of the best advice for selling a business.  Not only will you be asked this question by every potential buyer, but you also should know this so you can properly assess your own motivations.  You may be looking to move into a different direction or pursue a new venture, or perhaps you want to use the sale of a business to fund retirement.  Another reason you will want to consider this question is because other people will be affected if the business is sold, including your employees, managers and shareholders.

Have you always dreamed of owning your own restaurant, but you never seem to hear about business opportunities in your area?  Just like look for a job or buying a new home, finding out about business opportunities is now something that is done on online, most often in on an FSBO website.  Not every business directory website is designed for for-sale-by-owner properties and businesses; some are managed by a broker who wants to drum up new leads for himself.  But if you really want to find the best deals on a bar or restaurant, you need to look at a website that specializes in FSBO opportunities.

As a business broker, I deal with many different business owners, agents and consultants on a regular basis, all of whom could benefit from a better understanding of business valuation.  It always amazes me when I learn about the non-traditional methods they use for pricing a business for sale.  This may explain why just over 30 percent of all businesses for sale actually sell.  Considerations such as the available cash flow and the debt ration of the business must be taken into account when placing a value on a company.  Ultimately the structure of the deal and available financing sources may determine the price.

If you’ve been trying to sell your business for awhile, you may be wondering what it’s going to take to find a buyer, you may want to take a second look at those “businesses for sale” websites.  You may have stumbled upon a few of these in the past, or perhaps you’ve even placed your listing there, only to be bombarded by calls from brokers and unqualified prospects.  Just like any Internet marketing vehicle, not all of these business directories are created equal.  In fact, there are several sites that are designed to be nothing more than a lead-generation tool for business brokers.

The economic challenges of the past few years have put a real strain on small business owners, and many have been forced to close their doors.  Business brokers in Colorado Springs have heard war stories from small businesses that barely made it through the crunch but were forced to reduce staff and slash budgets.  Hearing these facts in the news may have scared some would-be entrepreneurs about the prospect of buying a new business, and as a result some sellers are nervous about finding a buyer. 

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