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family businessThere's a new breed of entrepreneurs out there, and they're not looking for funding. They know their business well, perhaps a little too well, but they need some new ideas. Some might call them fortunate, or even fortune-seekers, but they all have one thing in common – they are the next generation of a family business. From birth they knew that one day the baton would be handed over; they just didn't know when.

business womenWomen get a bad rap sometimes; especially when it comes to male-dominated activities like sports and business.  It’s not uncommon to hear guys rant about female drivers or make a make patronizing comments about women in leadership positions.  However, the facts are that women are less accident-prone on the road and they seem to have a better aptitude for many business management skills. 

stress free travelAs you’ve probably heard many times before, business travels are a special breed of people.  Not everyone is cut out for living out of a suitcase, dealing with airport delays, or spending so much time away from home.  But for those road warriors among us who have found a way to cope with this lifestyle, there are some very simple tricks that make business travel easier.   The only reason I’m able to keep up with my travel schedule is by applying these tips that I’ve acquired along the way. 

Most of these tips aren’t so secret, and most can be applied to both business and personal travel.  Try them out and see for yourself how much they cut down on the stress of traveling.

Entrepreneurs are born; not made.  At least that’s what some in the “business world” believe, but with all the recent incentives for starting a green business, some nontraditional entrepreneurs are considering business ownership for the first time.  If this sounds like you, then you may be looking for a way to find green businesses for sale.  Searching the business listings by company may seem like the next logical step, but how do you know which businesses are really “green?”  In order to find the best opportunities within the green business world, it helps to know what a green business is.

While there is no surefire formula for starting a business that thrives in a recession; there are still some industries that do better than others.  Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best way to remain competitive in a bear market, so they spend a lot of time studying the most profitable businesses to buy during a recession.  Overall, research has shown that companies who offer necessary products and services at competitive prices will do well in difficult times.

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