What Makes Kimono Dresses So Appealing?

For those of us who have never visited Japan, there is a certain mystique that surrounds this culture.  It could be their Zen style of decorating, their keen sense of automobile design, or just the sheer ingenuity of sushi ; or perhaps it’s the kimono dresses and yukatas worn by both men and women.  Everything about the daily lives of the Japanese seems to have been contemplated and perfected, from Ikebana gardening to Feng Shui design, Japanese disciplines are very deliberate and steeped in symbolism.

Women in Japan have had a greater influence on Western fashions than some might think. Ever since kimono dresses were first brought back to Europe and the United States, fashion designers have been intrigued by the simplicity and grace of these garments.  The T-shape of the design is just the beginning of what makes them so unique.

Designers have also been inspired by the “obi,” an elaborate sash that is often worn to cinch kimono dresses at the waist.  Other fashion merchandisers have marveled at the traditional Japanese patterns that have become the hallmark of kimonos.  These include cranes, cherry blossoms, bamboo designs, Japanese woodcut prints and calligraphy prints, all emblazoned on colorful silk fabrics.

Over the years, kimono dresses have influence women’s fashions in many parts of the world, with designers mimicking the “T” shape of these garments in the design of coat dresses, smocks and belted shirtdresses.   While many of these dresses are considered “haute couture” they have inspired fashion buyers everywhere.  Even some modern wedding dresses are modeled after Japanese kimono dresses.

Like many other Japanese products, kimono dresses have been elevated to an art form.  Prominent Japanese families often pride themselves on their elaborate collections, many of which have become family heirlooms.  Women who wish to own a piece of Japanese tradition can still find a fantastic selection of authentic kimono dresses when shopping at Chopa.com.  One of the best examples of kimono dresses on sale today is the Purple Royal Peacock Kimono, which features beautiful peacocks and rich gold accents among scattered cherry blossoms, all against a purple background.

Many of these beautiful kimono dresses are featured in a new video on Chopa.com, the web site best known for its extensive collection of Zen and Japanese furnishings and accessories.

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