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Some sellers are very reluctant to utilize a business broker to help them sell their business.  As a result, it’s not hard to find businesses for sale by owner in Colorado.  One reason for this is that most small business owners are very “hands on” with every aspect of their business venture, and they feel they can do a better job selling it to potential buyers. 

If you are someone who is searching for businesses for sale by owner in Colorado, they are easy to find if when you know where to look.  Online directories, like the one at BizSale.com, are organized by category and can be searched geographically as well.  Most of the basic information about the company is right there on the web site, and the listings usually include a contact name and phone number.  So if you’re looking for a business, you may think you’ve got it covered, right?  Not so fast.  Even if the listing looks great on your end, an experienced business broker will provide more insight than what you can gather from the owner. 

Are you tired of commuting to an office every day, fighting traffic and paying way too much for gas, knowing all the while that you could do your job much more efficiently from home?  It is this realization that often prompts people to research the best home based business opportunities.  Even part time workers are getting a lot more satisfaction from their work when it is done from the comfort of their own home.  Are you looking for a business that you can run from home without the need to punch a clock, dress up, or spend several hours a week in traffic? 

As a woman who wants to spend more time with her family, home-based businesses are a great way to make room for home responsibilities. 

Perhaps you were recently “liberated” from a stressful job in corporate America and you just don’t have the desire to jump right back into that world. Or maybe you are finally able to realize your dream of entrepreneurship and do something you love in a home-based business.  Whatever your reasons, before you can be your own boss, it is important to perfect your “business concept”.   A home business is usually the least expensive way to get started, but do you know the best home business to start

The best ideas for starting a small business usually spring from your passions, interests and natural talents, and how these may be used to fill a need in a specific industry or community.  When you come up with the perfect match between your abilities and resources, and find a way to market yourself effectively, you are in business!

If you are looking to start a business that allows you to work from home, then it may be hard to know for sure which one is will work best.  Oftentimes, if you search online for “best home business to start”, the results you get are likely to revolve around internet marketing and will seem too good to be true.  So what are some of your other options for the best home based business to start? 

Here is a sampling of the most popular home based enterprises:

  • Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer – why not share your expertise with individuals who have an interest in improving their health through exercise or yoga?  If you have the space in your home, you can start a yoga class there, or perhaps offer to come to your clients’ homes for a personalized training session.
  • Consultant or Business Coach – If you have experience in the corporate world or you are considered an expert in your profession (marketing, finance, legal compliance), then becoming a business coach or consultant may be the best home based business to start.
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