Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson

fund businessEvery year, budding entrepreneurs take steps to turn their vision into a new enterprise. Their ideas may vary, but they all seem to have an abundance of energy and optimism, which is inspiring to everyone around them.

As exciting as it can be to get caught up in the flurry of getting new customers and opening that first office, most entrepreneurs lack the legal knowledge they need to start and run a business. Without this roadmap, it is all too easy to put aside the less glamorous aspects of business ownership.

biz-stress2Starting a business may be the “American Dream,” but it can also be terrifying.  As exciting as it sounds to break free from the shackles of your 9-to-5 job, corporate American may appear comforting in comparison to the instability of entrepreneurship.  For example, you once had a team of experts at your disposal, not to mention peer support from coworkers, not to mention the stability of a regular paycheck.  You had 24-hour assistant from an “IT Helpdesk,” and someone to fix the printer when it broke down for the third time in a week.  

Leaving the security of a full-time job can be daunting, but there are three specific challenges that seem to affect all entrepreneurs – chief among them are stress, instability and solitude.  According to the experts in entrepreneurship, facing down these demons is the only way to overcome them.

You might already be thinking about buying a motel or hotel, but how do your research a potential property on your own without a business broker? When a motel is listed as “for sale by owner,” it is important to prepare your questions ahead of time and research comparable listings in the area. Without broker’s fees, the transaction will likely be much less expensive for both parties, making it a wise investment, but not every hotel or motel is worth its selling price.

payroll systemWhether you run a two-person operation or your business has 50 employees, setting up a payroll system is very important for entrepreneurs. Not only will it streamline your ability to stay on top of your legal responsibilities as an employer; it can also save time during tax season and prevent costly penalties from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

business expoOnce you have your business up and running, it soon becomes apparent how much you need to learn, how difficult it can be to find new clients, and how challenging it is to find reliable vendors. Perhaps these are the challenges that first spawned the idea of an "expo," but the concept is still very much alive.

business loanWe've all heard about that tenacious young entrepreneur who manages to start a global enterprise on a shoestring, with only zero-interest loans from family members; but is it really possible to get a new venture off the ground without a secret stash of cash in the bank? A recent article from says yes! Late last year, the site published an article called "Getting a Business Loan Without Putting Up Personal Collateral," which was widely read by would-be business owners with very little cash or equity interests.

business broker 4When the time comes to sell your business, you have two options. One is to sell it yourself through your own network of contacts or targeted advertising; the other is to hire a business broker. While it's entirely possible to sell your business without any outside help, hiring a broker will be worthwhile if your time is at a premium. Busy entrepreneurs often find they have little time to deal with all the inquiries, requests and negotiations, and they may have a harder time differentiating between a serious prospect and a time-waster.

social media marketingLet's face it; small business owners are very busy people, so busy that they can often be the last to catch on to cultural trends. It may be okay to delay one's personal exploration of social media, but when it comes to promoting your small business, having a presence on social media is crucial. Many business owners find that their pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn drive more new business than any other form of marketing. If you have been avoiding the inevitable, silence on social media sites is no longer an option.

Are you looking for ways to increase your business profits in 2014? That may be difficult if your expenses are too high, so maybe it's time to start thinking about what you can afford to cut. Whether you are a service provider, brick-and-mortar retailer or a small e-commerce company, ever startup has its own set of expenses. Many of these costs cannot be eliminated, but if you can significantly reduce them it could make a huge difference in your profits this year.

selling businessWhen it is time to sell your home, everyone is happy to dispense advice on how to sell it faster. People will gladly give you the name of their favorite contractor, make landscaping suggestions and help you find the right realtor. But when it comes time to sell your business, entrepreneurs often do very little to make it more appealing. In many cases, they are simply too busy to put the time and energy into marketing. Some business owners would rather make a sales pitch to potential buyers and hope for the best, but there are plenty of proven tactics that will help it sell faster.

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