About Affiliated Business Consultants and Bizsale.com

Thank you for visiting our web site! The goal of our Internet presence is customer service, something we take very seriously.

Company Profile

buildingAffiliated Business Consultants, Inc (ABC) was incorporated in 1980 to serve the needs of business people. We are an Advertising and Marketing Company. We are a professional company in "The Business of Business" specializing in linking buyers and sellers. Being one of the Nation's leading firms in our industry, we are best equipped to help you because of our years of experience, background and experience working with buyers nationally and internationally, and businesses of all sizes, types, prices and locations. Our professional staff can substantially reduce your cost in both time and money, while providing convenience and confidentiality. We keep all correspondence, conversations and information about you or your business strictly confidential. In today's competitive world, the services and company you choose to help you can spell the difference between failure and success. The professional services provided by ABC are far reaching and span today's ever increasing demand for visual marketing and high tech advertising. ABC is an advertising company and not Real Estate agents, salesmen, or brokers, and will not be requested to act as such. ABC has the talent and experience to help you.

Business Buyers

Buyers nationwide respond to our Advertising and Marketing. These buyers have from a few thousand to 30 million dollars in investment capital to buy businesses of all sizes, types, and locations. These buyers are actively seeking business NOW!!! Many are individuals from large cities on the East and West coast, looking for a way out of the big city and into a better quality of life. Some of our buyers are military or civilian retirees looking for a second career and a good place to live. There are buyers that are mid to top level executives in large corporations who want to get out of the corporate rat race and have a business of their own. We also have been contacted by corporations looking for acquisition and diversification possibilities, investment groups both large and small, and foreign buyers.

Business Owners

Many owners must maintain confidentiality to protect their business' equity and not disturb their customers, employees, suppliers, and bankers. Our clients need strategic exposure that can mean the difference between selling their business opportunity or just liquidating it. ABC provides the business owners positive results that only a national company can provide.

Click to contact us for help buying or selling a business.  Since 1980 we have been in the "business of business." We are a professional company specializing in bringing For Sale By Owner Business Buyers and Sellers together. Being one of the Nations leading firms in our industry, we are best equipped to help you because of our background and years of experience in working with business buyers Nationwide and businesses of all sizes and types. Your business purchase or sale information will be handled by experts and conducted in a confidential manner.


We want you to know that we are very satisfied with what you did for us. We know your method works because of the number of inquiries we received. We would recommend you to anyone else who would need your service.

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