How many times have you said, "If I only had a buyer for this business"

Have you been thinking about turning your business into cash? Here's an important fact: you'll sell your business just once, that is, if you do it right. If you don't, you could lose more than money. There's never been a better time to sell a business. Don't leave money on the closing table that could be yours!! We can reduce your cost, and save you time and money.


Dear Business Owner:

There are only three times a business can be sold. First, when you want to! Second, when you have to! Third, when the heirs sell it. TO GET THE BEST DOLLAR VALUE for your business, YOU MUST SELL IT WHEN YOU WANT TO!!! Don't wait until someone or something makes that decision for you.

Two business owners had a lot in common in that they both owned prosperous businesses, comparable in selling price and value. After years of successful self-employment, they decided to sell. One owner in a short time sold for a profit. The other had to liquidate and lose his business. Why?

The owner who got an excellent selling price took advantage of the confidentiality and worldwide exposure offered by a national company. The other relied on personal and local contacts. Since 1980, our firm has specialized in bringing sellers and buyers together for all sizes and types of businesses. Our success proven system of locating buyers nationally will be done without letting your employees, suppliers, customers, or competitors know that you want to sell.

We now have over 3000 pre-qualified buyers in our database. They include individuals, companies, and investment groups. These buyers have substantial resources of $25,000 to $300,000,000 million in investment capital to spend on all types and sizes of businesses. Your business may be what they are looking for.

How you go about finding a buyer can spell the difference between Success and failure. Our innovative Success Proven System will assist you in finding the right qualified buyer, so you can reap the benefits of owning your business. All correspondence, conversation, and information shared with our firm will be kept strictly confidential.

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In the Business of Business

Since 1980 we have helped over 10,000 business owners with a total business value of 2.75 billion dollars. Because of our background and years of experience, we are best equipped to help you find a buyer for your business.

As one of the Nation's leading companies in our industry, we work with buyers and businesses of all sizes, types and locations nationwide.

Finding Buyers

Your problem is not selling, it is finding the right buyer! Buyers come from all walks of life and areas of the country. In the past, people would use vacation time to roam the country looking for their dream business. This approach is too time intensive and expensive in today's society. Now, business buyers contact ABC because they know they can get the information they need to make important buying decisions.

We find buyers through a comprehensive, success proven program of ...

  • Active buyer base of over 3,000 prequalified buyers
  • National newspaper advertising
  • Trade journal and specialty publication advertising
  • Internet exposure on major national and international business publication websites
  • Direct mail programs (over a million pieces a year!)
  • Computerized business buyer-seller Instant Precision Matching system

You benefit from our constant multiple media marketing that reaches millions of potential buyers.

Finding Qualified Buyers

We receive thousands of inquiries about business opportunities a year. We have a unique program of interest questionnaires and financial/credit research that we perform to ensure each candidate buyer is qualified to purchase your business.

Our buyers all have three things in common:

  1. They know what they are looking for
  2. They have money to buy a business
  3. They have come to ABC and asked that we find them a business

Contact ABC for a complete explanation of the 7 key selling factors to get maximum dollars when selling your business!

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Click to contact us for help buying or selling a business.  Since 1980 we have been in the "business of business." We are a professional company specializing in bringing For Sale By Owner Business Buyers and Sellers together. Being one of the Nations leading firms in our industry, we are best equipped to help you because of our background and years of experience in working with business buyers Nationwide and businesses of all sizes and types. Your business purchase or sale information will be handled by experts and conducted in a confidential manner.


I would like to inform you that everything is running rather smoothly and we are on our way to successfully operating our very own business.

Also, I would like to thank you personally for being such a help in the purchase of this business and for being there when we needed you. We were so green at the process of purchasing, but with your help we were able to put the deal together.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Darryl B.