South Dakota Businesses for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

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Below is our directory of businesses for sale by owner (FSBO) for South Dakota (SD).

The owners of businesses for sale in South Dakota must maintain confidentiality to protect their business equity and not disturb their South Dakota-based customers, employees, suppliers, and bankers. Our South Dakota business owner clients need strategic exposure that can mean the difference between selling their business opportunity or just liquidating it. provides our South Dakota business owners positive results that only a national-level business for sale by owner (FSBO) directory can provide.


This business is highly skilled in the remediation of mold, lead, and asbestos, air quality work, and interior demolition and renovation. Highly successful, the company is licensed in 20 states and currently operates out of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas. A new owner could pick which is the most desirable hub out of which to operate. The current owner, who started the business in 1986, would be willing to assist the new owner to make the most out of this opportunity. Come see this rapidly-expanding business located in the southwest quarter of South Dakota. This establishment is prices to include $342,000 in equipment and vehicles, $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and other assets valued at $321,600. Ask for portfolio #371.

  • $2,500,000
  • SD
  • $668,600
  • $1,964,200
  • $5,200,000
  • 414 | 420

This is an excellent opportunity to own a well-established reputable company that has consistently served its area for over 25 years. The business specializes in an array of transportation services from airport shuttle, tours, school activities, parties, weddings, hunting lodges, attractions, special occasions, casinos to any other transportation needs. The business is well equipped with a variety of vehicles of limousines, limo-bus, buses, vans, suburban's and escalades with an extensive market area. Inquire to learn more about this lucrative opportunity in South Dakota. Assets will include $200,000 in vehicles. 

  • $799,999
  • SD
  • $200,000
  • $81,803
  • $369,527
  • 234 | 38 | 226

Location, location, location!!! This grocery store is within a prime area of South Dakota. Offering an abundance of retail items from groceries to clothing, greeting cards, jewelry, toys and so much more. Operating out of 6,000 square foot building, providing a large sales floor in addition to a spacious storage area. The business is within an excellent location that provides great signage with easy access to and from several major highways and interstates. Inquire today to learn more about this excellent opportunity with very limited competition and great profits, located in southwest South Dakota. Assets will include $60,000 in average inventory, $35,000 in equipment, and $15,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is included and valued at $384,000.

  • $495,000
  • SD
  • $494,000
  • $33,284
  • $238,566
  • 288 | 287
Related Business Categories: Grocery Stores | Misc. General Merchandise Stores

Located in a high tourism area is this stunning 9+ acre campground with a motel, convenience store, office building, laundry
facility, restrooms with showers, picnic area with shelters, pool and playground. The campground is well rooted and has been around since the 1960's boasting a rich and interesting heritage. The business is conveniently located with easy access to major interstates, excellent signage throughout the area, and offers great surrounding amenities.  This is an excellent opportunity that is well rooted, fully equipped, in great condition, and could be expanded further. Inquire today to learn more about this campground located in southwest South Dakota. Assets are to include $65,000 in equipment, $148,500 in fixtures and furnishings, and $4,500 in other assets. The buildings and property is included and valued at $500,000.

  • $889,000
  • SD
  • $718,000
  • $68,746
  • 393 | 397

This is a compelling business that has strongly developed since its conception in 2009. Boasting a fleet of well over 10 taxis, it is prominent within its service area of a 100 miles, and is considered the "Go-To-Taxi Company". The business takes full advantage of catering their services to large events that are presented within the area, tourism, shuttling travelers to and from the airport and any other additional destinations that are desired by customers. This is a great opportunity for a buyer to inquire on with great profits, further growth potential, and is situated within an excellent location of northwest South Dakota. Assets will include $75,000 in vehicle, and $13,650 in equipment. There is a lease option available on the building and property, Inquire today to learn more!

  • $295,000
  • SD
  • $88,650
  • $57,249
  • $282,812
  • 226

Well established family restaurant/pizza parlor serving its community for over 25 years, with a reputable reputation, for great food and service. Operating out of a 4,000+ square foot two-story building located within a high traffic area and convent access to major highways. This business has a great future ahead for a new owner with excellent profits and is located within an exceptional part of southeast South   Dakota. Assets are to include $4,000 in average inventory and $200,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is included and is valued at $25,000.

  • $288,000
  • SD
  • $229,000
  • $56,705
  • $222,503
  • 335 | 341 | 337

This remarkable business has been serving its community since 1924, specializing in the maintenance and repair for pump jacks and submersible wells. The business has an intact, solid customer base exceeding 1,000. There is great growth potential for this business, that could be in the best interest of a new owner. The current owner is committed to the success of a the buyer and will insure a smooth transition Inquire today to learn more about this incredible opportunity, located in southeast South Dakota. Assets are to include $85,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is included and is valued at $34,000.

  • $299,999
  • SD
  • $119,000
  • $54,437
  • $233,602
  • 240 | 117 | 114 | 440

This is a deeply established trucking company that has been family operated since 1944.  The business holds an impeccable reputation with an outstanding safety records, and is proven with their extensive customer base.

  • $999,999
  • SD
  • $570,000
  • $298,688
  • $1,539,342
  • 227
Related Business Categories: Trucking, Local And Long Distance

Established in the 1880's in northeast South Dakota is this newspaper publishing business.  The current owners have successfully been operating the businesses since 2006. The distinguished history of this business has of quality service through the years has produced high circulation with some subscriptions being mailed out of state.  This business produces a very stable income and could be develop much larger, if a new owner desires to.  The business will include the residence in the sale great option if you are an outside buyer or look to expand the businesses much further.  Inquire to learn more. Assets will include $3,000 in equipment and the building and property is valued at $5,000.

  • $65,000
  • SD
  • $8,000
  • $52,873
  • 152

This multi-service auto repair business was established in 1994 by the current owners, who have developed through the years a faithful customer base, exceeding 500.  The business has a multiple streams of income from the sales of tires, parts, glass, and service to about anything related to the engine.  Servicing to auto, pickup, semi, or even chainsaws, this business does it all for repairs or just purchasing parts.   This is an excellent business opportunity that won’t last long, inquire today to learn more. Assets will include $70,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property is valued at $160,000.  Located in northeast South Dakota.   Ask for portfolio #0020.  

  • $599,999
  • SD
  • $230,000
  • $177,993
  • $394,437
  • 301 | 427 | 426

  • $1,490,000
  • SD
  • $620,000
  • $457,025
  • $821,962
  • 418

Established in 1997 in southeast South Dakota is this remarkable full service custom blinds company, providing sales, measurements, installation, repair, and cleaning to its community.  The business has accumulated a wonderful reputation within its area for excellent sales and service with a customer base that exceeds 10,000.  Excellence drips from the moment you step in the showroom of this impeccable business that is conveniently located near a busy street and is highly supported within its community.  This is an absolutely unbelievable opportunity for an entrepreneur with vision.  Inquire to learn more about this business and what it can do for your future.  

  • $699,999
  • SD
  • $118,490
  • $1,196,731
  • 105 | 325 | 406

This is a multi-media agency that plans, produces, and, above all else, gets results for client businesses and institutions. The services they provide are: video/audio productions, long and short form; video recording of live events; website creation and hosting; web streaming; advertising campaign planning; media buying services; layout and design of print publications and copying of any video or audio format. This business has shown strong, consistent sales throughout its history. Price includes $72,000 of Equipment, Fixtures and Furnishings. Located in Northeast South Dakota.
  • $99,999
  • SD
  • $72,000
  • $87,340
  • 152 | 236 | 408 | 419

The full menu bar and restaurant were originally established in 1983 and are a community gathering place for old and young and combined with the six lane bowling alley have produced consistent sales and profits in this cash oriented business. Currently the bowling alley is open only a few nights a week - this business has great growth potential! Total assets include $77,000 of equipment, fixtures and furnishings and building and land valued at $36,000. Priced at $99,999 + Inventory. Located in Southeastern South Dakota.

  • $99,999
  • SD
  • $113,000
  • $71,067
  • 337 | 338 | 343 | 344 | 448

This business sells both new and refurbished alternators and starters for every kind of vehicle, boat, or any other machine as well as Interstate batteries. With a customer base exceeding 3,000 and covering several states, this business is both stable and successful. This is a highly cash oriented business. Total assets include $60,000 of equipment, fixtures and furnishings. There is a building and land option available. Priced at $155,000 + Inventory. Located in Western South Dakota.

  • $155,000
  • SD
  • $60,000
  • $25,302
  • $57,983
  • 426 | 427

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