South Carolina Businesses for Sale by Owner (FSBO) Directory

Living in South Carolina definitely has its advantages - beautiful beaches, southern hospitality and a low cost of living. Business-wise, there are plenty of advantages to buying a business for sale by owner, too! Aside from the fact that South Carolina has a strong pro-business environment, it also has plenty of small business incentives, as well as a great workforce to hire from. Owning a business in South Carolina could be a wonderful way to get started or continue life as a business owner while still taking advantage of the awesome quality of life that comes with a culturally rich and absolutely beautiful state.

Industries in South Carolina

The key to the economy in any state is the industries that are thriving and successful. In South Carolina, those industries range from aerospace and energy to biotech to the manufacturing and distribution of products. Whether you’re looking to buy a large or small business, the span of industries in South Carolina makes it possible to find a company that works in an area you specialize in and enjoy.

Food Processing and Distribution

South Carolina is a small hub for some large, brand name food process, manufacturing and distributing companies. Starbucks, Kraft, Pepperidge Farm and Perdue all have food processing facilities in the state. Other companies like Target, Dollar General and QVC also boast South Carolina as their East Coast location for distribution. Whether it’s food or general products, the five highways, 50+ airports, the Port of Charleston, and the many major freight services act as great access for any company. This means if you’re buying a company that will manufacture, it will be easy to distribute. Or, skip the manufacturing company all together and make distribution your main business. Either way, South Carolina’s easy access can help drive business.


There’s a reason big name aerospace companies like Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and Boeing are placing their companies in South Carolina. The state is a leading manufacturer of aerospace products in the Southeastern United States. There are multiple plants with different companies creating these products. This means that these large aerospace businesses need support in many forms, which could be huge for your small business. It’s important to take into consideration what the giants will want to contract out, and think of how you can tailor your business to fit those needs - that would be a great (and smart) way to be a part of the South Carolina aerospace industry.

Alternative Energy

South Carolina’s energy industry has many developments, which makes it an exciting time to buy a business in this area. Whether it’s wind energy production, wind turbine testing, or manufacturing the products that create alternative energy, there are a ton of ways to break into this business. The Port of Charleston allows for the handling of large alternative energy equipment, so it makes sense to be in this business and live in South Carolina. Solar energy is another big part of the alternative energy industry in the eastern state. Many manufacturers of solar energy products call South Carolina home.

South Carolina Lifestyle

Aside from the many industries available to buy business in, the lifestyle in South Carolina makes it an attractive place to live. The state has a low cost of living, great history and tradition, and tons of natural beauty. With almost 200 miles of an Atlantic Ocean coastline, Appalachian Mountains, and lakes and rivers, there’s always a good view and plenty to do outdoors. There is also great entertainment in Charleston and other larger cities. The Newberry Opera House boasts more than 200 performances annually, many golf championships are hosted in South Carolina, and there many big name music acts stop through the area, too. There’s always something to do.

Buying a business for sale by owner in South Carolina could mean an enjoyable lifestyle on the East Coast, as well as a booming business. Imagine yourself owning a great business and then taking advantage of the numerous, world renowned golf courses on the weekends. Life and business in South Carolina has never looked better.