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This commercial furniture store was established in 1988 by the current owners.  Located on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area this well known business produces consistent sales to new and repeat clientele.  With over twenty five years experience, the owners have worked diligently to provide impeccable customer satisfaction with their sales, delivery/installation and design services.  Ready to retiree, they are willing to stay and help the new owner bridge any gaps between clients or business plans.  Contact us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity.  Assets are to include $180,000 in average inventory and approximately $6,046 in equipment, vehicles, furniture and fixings.  Building and property are valued at $1,575,000.  Ask for portfolio # 0076.  

  • $1,895,000
  • Missouri
  • $1,761,046
  • $215,993
  • $1,679,119
  • 406 | 323 | 365

This well reputable business was established in the mid 1970's, manufacturing one of a kind vanity tops and window sills.  The current owner purchased this productive manufacturing business in 1987.  Since his ownership, he has added custom tubs, showers, as well as other manufacturing services.  With a variety of unique products and services this business operates on a wholesale and retail basis to a vast array of customers including contractors and individual clientele.  Between products, services and being located in the prime spot of central Missouri any buyer would be ecstatic to jump in the shoes of this strong efficient business.  Opportunities like this do not last long, so call today and ask for portfolio #114.  Assets are to include $650,000 of vehicles, equipment, fixtures, furnishings and average inventory.  

  • $1,900,000
  • MO
  • $650,000
  • $268,348
  • $950,402
  • 327 | 174 | 225 | 382

This retail mattress store has been in business since 2005 and has been operated by same owners since its opening. With 20 years of experience in the mattress retail field, the current owner decided that he would like to put his knowledge to use and open his own mattress company. They have grown the business successfully and have earned the respect of their customers due to their fair and honest pricing. They pride themselves on integrity and customer satisfaction and pay great attention to customer service. The building they operate out of has two full kitchens and has its own 2 bedroom and 1 bath living quarter. The owners are ready to retire and pursue new avenues in their personal lives. Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity to own a successful business in the Northeast quarter of Indiana. Assets are approximately an average of $10,600 inventory and $27,500 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings. The building and property are approximately $175,000 and are included in the asking price. Ask for portfolio #194.

  • $399,000
  • IN
  • $213,198
  • $55,144
  • $160,995
  • 322
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This successful audio and visual business started 25 years ago and has grown into a well-known and respected business in the community. The owner has never lost sight of his dedication to the customer nor his love for the audio/visual field. Loving what he does, the owner ensures complete customer satisfaction. This business has been profitable under the current ownership and shows the potential to keep growing as the demand for this field increases. Due to hard work and reliability, the business has done many jobs for well-known establishments and has secured a loyal customer base. The owner is interested in continuing to work for the company so that he may continue to work in the field he is most passionate about. This is an excellent opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Enjoy the same growing success that the current owner has experienced and see how bright you future has the potential of becoming with this business. It is located in beautiful Colorado. Assets are approximately and average of $10,000 inventory, $32,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings and $25,000 in other assets. The business is home based, but the sale of the home can be potentially negotiated with the owner. Ask for portfolio #19

  • $499,999
  • CO
  • $67,000
  • $74,047
  • $530,779
  • 333 | 430

Successfully operating since 1938, this local owned hardware store has been a family treasure for many years and is now ready for the right opportunist. It is part of the "Do it Best Hardware Association" and has a full line of inventory of parts, tools, paint, equipment, etc.   The company is within a great location for excellent visibility, heavy traffic and easy accessibility.  The community supports this business highly as it has been reputable for many years and stands with no competition within a  10 mile radius.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent opportunity located in northwest Indiana.  Assets include $10,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #312 

  • $49,999
  • IN
  • $10,000
  • $94,295
  • 281 | 330 | 283 | 287

This business in southwest Oklahoma has been a staple in the community since 1963. Currently owned by the son of the original owners, the business has evolved throughout the decades, but remains a prominent retail and service destination in town, located right at the heart of downtown, near the Post Office, City Hall, and fire station. Beyond sales of hardware, lawn/garden equipment, and small appliances, the shop has built an excellent reputation for servicing what they sell, and assisting with other small engine repairs. Currently, the business is only open 8-5 Monday through Friday, 8-noon on Saturday, and closed Sundays. A new owner could easily extend the hours and increase revenue if desired. Come check out this great opportunity today! The establishment is priced to include $370,000 in average inventory, $10,000 in equipment, $10,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and building and property valued at $150,000. Ask for portfolio #464.

  • $695,000
  • OK
  • $540,000
  • $311,540
  • 331 | 441 | 281 | 283

This profitable bath and kitchen remodel business offers stellar quality for the whole remodel process from design to completion.  Made up of two franchises, the kitchen portion was just added in 2013 and is already realizing excellent revenue. The business keeps on growing, with revenue and profit continuing to climb. With excellent products, services, and reputation in the vibrant community, this business is poised to experience success and growth for years to come. Check out this great opportunity in southeast Nevada today! Establishment is priced to include the two franchises valued at $403,000, and $93,068 of equipment, vehicles, fixtures, and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #295.

  • $650,000
  • NV
  • $496,068
  • $72,986
  • $1,311,666
  • 28 | 327 | 382

You’ve got to see this incredible inventory of knives, swords, culinary cutlery and so much more! What started as a passion for the business has turned into a long-standing retail opportunity that has been successful in two different states over its 30-year history. The owner is still deeply interested in the business, and would be willing to stay on through a transition period if desired. Currently located in southeast Arizona, this niche business is a great opportunity for an energetic new owner to grow this company. This is an asset sale, so a new owner would have the option to purchase as much of the amazing inventory as desired. Check this one out today! It is currently priced to include $18,000 in fixtures and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #444. 

  • $49,999
  • AZ
  • $18,000
  • $53,642
  • 82 | 351 | 355 | 330 | 362

For over thirty years, this decorative flooring company has provided its community with a wonderful selection of flooring products for all their customers’ needs while dedication to service has built an excellent reputation for the business in the area. The only privately owned flooring company in the area, it is well-established and well-equipped, ready for a new owner to step in and take it to the next level. Currently operating only 5 days a week and closed during the lunch hour, there is great room for expansion of hours, services, and/or products that could increase the revenue of this successful business yet further. Come check out this great opportunity in southeast Nebraska today! The establishment is priced to include $15,000 in inventory, $10,000 in equipment and vehicles, $15,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and building and property valued at $45,000. Ask for portfolio #325.

  • $175,000
  • NE
  • $85,000
  • $33,460
  • $153,434
  • 324 | 111

This home variety store started in 1987 as a second location to a family business started in 1955 and has undergone much change and improvement since. It is operated out of a little less than a 16,500 sq. ft. building. The building itself is quite ideal, large in size and able to accommodate all storage and inventory needs. It was built to appeal to the eye of the customer as well as with the efficiency of the business in mind. Located in a great area, both commercial and residential; the business is located in an extremely high volume traffic area. Although the business flourishes on repeat customers and its strong reputation, passerby are also drawn to the business strictly based on location. With such a high demand for furniture, appliances and many other household needs, the business has been expanded over time to accommodate the wants and needs of the customers. The showroom is creatively laid out to display all furniture, appliances, decor and everything needed to transform your home. This is an outstanding opportunity with such a great reputation and family history. Keeping with the integrity of running a family business, there is great opportunity to maintain this as one, as it has operated as a “family run” business since it has started. You will enjoy the same success as the current owners have experienced for the past 20+ years. This business shows promise for growth as it could be ideal to expand in the direction of electrical, plumbing and remodeling. All of which are necessities and this business has a market area of a 30 mile radius.  Assets are to include an average of $200,000 in inventory, $30,000 in equipment and vehicles as well as $50,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property will be included in the asking price and is valued at $550,000. While inquiring, please ask for portfolio #407.

  • $895,000
  • MO
  • $280,000
  • $44,182
  • $714,494
  • 58
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Renowned for its excellent inventory of upscale home accessories, furniture and custom items, this retail center involves creativity and beauty in both in its merchandise and in its attractive displays throughout the store. The firm caters to an extensive clientele base and is constantly acquiring new clientele and referrals on a daily basis. This is a well-established company that offers the new owners the chance to own a growing turnkey operation that has a solid profit base, strong name recognition and excellent growth potential. Inquire to learn more about this business located in a great part of northeast Minnesota.  Assets are to include $250.00 of Equipment and $7,000.00 of Fixtures.  Ask for portfolio #0406

  • $160,000
  • MN
  • $7,250
  • $37,969
  • $381,165
  • 322 | 359 | 330 | 362 | 382

This Consignment Furniture Store was established in 2011; though the business is still in its beginning stages, it is showing exceptional growth for an excellent future ahead. Currently the business operates out of a large retail location of 4,000+ square feet, providing an extensive retail show room that is sufficiently arranged with decor, electronics, fixtures and furnishings. A prime location with heavy traffic and excellent exposure contributes to an consistent customer flow throughout each day.  Inquire today to learn more about this excellent opportunity that provides an established customer base, future expansion possibilities, and economic growth. Located in beautiful southeast South Dakota. Assets will include $3,000 in average inventory, $3,500 in equipment, and $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings.

  • $99,999
  • MO
  • $11,500
  • $137,227
  • 322 | 323 | 330

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city life is this established Retail Carpet Store that has been serving their community since 1986. Privately owned and operated, providing customers high quality merchandise including installation at a very competitive, but reasonable price, and with a grounded reputation for excellent customer service and a vast variety of product offer, this business has become prominent in its community.It is operated out of a 10,000 square foot building that provides a beautifully well coordinated retail sales floor with extensive storage space. Inquire today to learn more about this excellent opportunity located in eastern Texas. Assets will include $100,000 in average inventory, $20,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $30,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is included and valued at $600,000. Ask for portfolio #0124.

  • $750,000
  • TX
  • $750,000
  • $109,889
  • $580,814
  • 324 | 111


This highly-successful retail flooring company has both residential and commercial clients, and also provides the service of installation. The business has a remarkable showroom within a prominent downtown location in northwest Oklahoma. It has an established reputation for excellent service for over 30 years, a great history of financial growth, and a customer base that extends over a 100 mile radius. The owners are wishing to sell in order to retire. Inquire today to learn more about this great investment! The establishment is priced to include $1,122,000 of average inventory and $140,000 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #71.

  • $999,000
  • OK
  • $1,262,000
  • $672,413
  • $1,815,414
  • 324 | 111

  • $185,000
  • NM
  • $18,500
  • $34,954
  • $972,396
  • 324 | 111

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Tom had talked to Affiliated many times over the years. He thought they were very professional and not pushy about selling it. Affiliated did a remarkable job of highlighting the city of Yankton and the surrounding area. Telling all of the great reasons to live and work in SD and especially Yankton. They took great pictures of our shop and did a wonderful story about our business. Over the year and a half we had people from Wyoming, Florida, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota. We had a good offer come in this summer and decided it was time to get serious. Affiliated helped in getting the people moving again, when we thought things had died. We both want to thank Affiliated for helping us through the process and for finding us the potential buyers. I would reccommend them to any small business who wants to sell. It was great keeping it quiet in the community until the sale was final. Thank you Affiliated!

Tom & Sharon C.