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Outside of the big city of northeast Illinois is this prosperous, full-service floral shop/ greenhouse. This business is historic as it has been operating since the 1890's, today it is well known throughout its community and surrounding area for its beautifully decorated arrangements to its seasonal greenhouse products.  Owners are ready to turn the key to a prospective buyer, call today to learn more about this great business opportunity.  Assets include approximately $10,000 in average inventory, $35,000 in fixtures, furnishings, equipment, and vehicles, and $45,000 to $80,000 in intangible assets.  Ask for portfolio #6010. 

  • $142,500
  • IL
  • $125,000
  • $53,395
  • $233,568
  • 84 | 375 | 283

  For over six decades this high quality, full service HVAC contracting company has been serving the northwestern quarter of Minnesota. Over the years, dozens of competitors have come and gone while this business has held it's ground at a nice, steady pace. The purchase includes a large shop, complete with a showroom, offices, storage and a working shop with all of the tools you need to successfully operate this business from day one. Assets are to include approximately of $30,000 in average inventory, $45,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures & Furnishings. The real estate is valued at $175,000. This is a stellar opportunity to make a very comfortable living. 

  • $299,000
  • MN
  • $250,000
  • $84,101
  • $177,149
  • 251 | 180 | 278

This immensely successful and well established HVAC enterprise has been catering to the southeastern quarter of Texas for nearly fifty years. This business is widely considered the best company of it's kind within it's region. By offering everything from sales & service to storage and shop rentals, the company provides multiple highly profitable streams of revenue that can be immediately utilized by a new owner. After half a decade of top-tier service, the current owners are now ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Assets are to include $30,000 in average inventory, $685,000 in Vehicles, Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings and Real Estate valued at $350,000. This is a phenomenal price for an incredible business! Call us today and request portfolio #0562. 

  • $995,000
  • TX
  • $448,500
  • $411,540
  • $1,023,977
  • 251 | 198 | 180 | 441 | 278

 Initially opening it's doors over 70 years ago, this solidified and successful hardware and merchandise store has been consistently serving the charming northwestern quarter of New Mexico. The current owner has been prosperously growing this business since the early 80's and is now ready to have someone new evolve this brand into it's next chapter of opulence. Offering competitive prices on everything from sporting equipment to furniture sales, small engine service to knife sharpening - this business is real a jack of all trades operation with no lack of space or potential for exponential growth. Topped off with a beautiful location that provides great visibility and convenient access, there is literally nothing stopping a new owner from immediately reaping immense success. Featuring on average $165,000 in inventory, $35,000 in Equipment, vehicles, fixtures & furnishings and real estate valued at $650,000 - this business comes at a great value! Call us today!

  • $1,900,000
  • NM
  • $850,000
  • $152,976
  • $520,940
  • 202 | 275 | 142 | 53 | 281

  Located in the Northeastern quarter of Wisconsin, this well established paint and decorating supply company has continuously thrived throughout the decades greatly thanks to it's large loyal customer base and longstanding reputation for integrity. This business has a substantial amount of growth yet to be explored not only in the current location, but lends itself to establishing satellite locations throughout the state. There are endless possibilities only limited by the vision and creativity of the new owner. Assets are to include approximately $155,000 in average inventory and $50,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity, contact us today! Ask for portfolio #057.

  • $375,000
  • WI
  • $205,000
  • $74,496
  • $387,401
  • 360 | 406 | 279 | 286

Would you like to be an owner of a business that has been a staple in the local community for over 150 years?  Producing rising profits year after year in southwest Minnesota is the Longstanding Hardware Store.  The current owners purchased the business in 2006 and have been meticulous in making sure inventory, POS management and financial systems are properly in place and in great working order.  That has helped keep labor costs down allowing for ONLY 2 part time employees.  This is the ideal turn-key business for a motivated entrepreneur, it comes with two buildings and property, all inventory and 1 week transition period with the current owner.  Contact us today!  Assets are to include $55,025 in equipment, $100,119 in fixtures & furniture.  Approximately $201,819 in average inventory.  Building & property valued at $180,000.  Ask for portfolio #15.  

  • $578,900
  • MN
  • $536,963
  • $125,792
  • $581,880
  • 418 | 286 | 281

Are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur in a great location with a well reputable air conditioning business?  What better place than southern Texas for installing, repairing and servicing air conditioners.  This business has been serving southern Texas residences and businesses for over 50 years!  The current owners have been satisfyingly prosperous offering complete analysis, maintenance program, furnace repair and much more to their customers.  They are ready to slow down and know the business will bring a new owner rewarding success as well.  Assets are to include $20,000 in equipment & vehicles, $3,000 in fixtures & furnishings.  Approximately $25,000 in average inventory.  Ask for portfolio #9002.

  • $299,950
  • TX
  • $48,000
  • $110,158
  • $485,288
  • 431 | 278 | 104

Excellent opportunity to own a long-standing hardware store that has served its community since the 1970's.  This branded store offers array of household tools, equipment, accessories, good , in addition to hardware, nuts, screws, paint, electrical components,  plumbing supplies, garden equipment, etc.  The business is an imprint to its community as it is the only hardware appliance store within a 20 mile radius.  It occupies three city lots with a 7,000(+) sq. ft. facility and two additional buildings that are utilized for storage and production.  This is an excellent opportunity for the right entrepreneur that could easily make a significant profit on investment.  Inquire to learn more about this profitable business located in southwest Minnesota.  Assets are to include approximately $60,000 in average inventory, $11,475 in equipment, and $10,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  The buildings and property is included and valued at $90,000. 

  • $195,000
  • MN
  • $171,475
  • $82,226
  • $427,709
  • 53 | 277 | 281

Located in Wyoming for the last 28 years lies this CHIMNEY & STOVE SERVICE BUSINESS.   Established in 1988 by the current owners offering multiple services to property owners, including painting, snow removal and various repairs.  Today the business is offering sales and services to fireplaces, pellet, gas and wood burning stoves and the maintenance of chimneys.  The longevity of this business has produced an exceptional reputation within the market area.  This business has an abundance of potential and may be snatched up in a hurry so don't hesitate on this opportunity. Assets are to include $6,500 in inventory and $50,000 in equipment and vehicles.  Ask for portfolio #317.  

  • $188,000
  • WY
  • $56,500
  • $44,462
  • $104,908
  • 328 | 278 | 414

Are you a motivated entrepreneur that is ready to take control of a well established turnkey business?  This Industrial Equipment Producing Company is just what you need!  The business opened the doors in 1967 and has been successfully ran by current owner since 1988.  This business retails such products as hydraulics hoses, fittings, bearings, implement blades and various nuts & bolts as well as manufacturing snow blades and tractor parts.  The client base is impeccable reaching not only local customers but to several surrounding states as well.  The current owner and spouse are ready to retire and are willing to help transition the new owner.  Contact us today to learn more about this well reputable business located in southwestern Kansas.  Assets are to include $131,800 in equipment, fixtures, furnishings and vehicles.  Approximately $500,000 in average inventory.  Building and property valued at $100,000.  Ask for portfolio #503.  

  • $1,490,000
  • KS
  • $731,800
  • $49,867
  • $243,356
  • 186 | 196 | 192 | 281 | 301

Come be the new  owner of a company that makes American values and product quality their number one priority!  Located in eastern Indiana lies this power equipment manufacturing business.  The doors opened in 2003 when the current owners saw that the demand for quality powered lawn & garden equipment was high.  This business offers products such as brush and weed mowers, tillers and wood splitters that are designed, engineered and manufactured completely in the USA!  For 13 years the current owners have concentrated on building a loyal customer base with their quality products and are more than willing to stay and help transition the owner.  Don't miss this opportunity!  Contact us today and ask for portfolio #219.  Assets are to include $15,000 in fixtures, jigs and equipment.  Approximately $150,000 in average inventory.  Other assets valued at $85,000.   

  • $450,000
  • IN
  • $250,000
  • $205,313
  • 192 | 466 | 283

This concrete services provider business was established in 1996 by the current owner.  The business has grown significantly over the years and has earned an exceptional reputation with domestic, municipal and industrial customers for patios, cracked sidewalks, parking lots, foundations and other concrete related services.  Another part of the revenue stream is the retail sales of concrete related supplies in stock from previous projects that arenot needed!  This is a very unique business opportunity and is sure not going to last long, so don't miss out.  Inquire to learn more about this concrete service provider business located in the northeast quarter of Illinois.  Assets are to include $250,000 in equipment and vehicles and approximately $5,000 in average inventory.  Ask for portfolio #174.

  • $685,000
  • IL
  • $255,000
  • $137,953
  • $706,949
  • 113 | 100 | 277 | 98

Here is your change to reduce the human's carbon footprint.  Come be the new owner of this well established eco- friendly company.  Implanted in southwestern Colorado for over 20 years, this business has worked diligently in design, service and installation of green powered energy sources.  Micro sized or super sized there is no job too small nor too big for this diverse team.  There is no uncharted territory with helping communities from several states as well a part of Costa Rica.  If operating a healthy, socially responsible, eco-friendly business is your calling don't miss this rare opportunity.  Contact us today ask for portfolio #273.  Assets include business name, phone number, client list and website.  

  • $95,000
  • CO
  • $75,455
  • $281,093
  • 238 | 278 | 104

In the southwestern quarter of Wyoming lies this well-reputable general contracting company.  Established in 1982 this business has done nothing but produce high sales and great name recognition by offering multiple services to residential and commercial clients.  In addition to the design and project development services, eco-friendly energy services and crane and rigging services are also offered.  Added after the inception of the initial contracting business, a retail sector was implemented and has grown to claim about 20% of total sales.  Great opportunities don't come around often. call today and ask for portfolio #490.  Assets are to include $769,400 in fixtures, furnishings, equipment, vehicles and approximately $92,500 in average inventory.  Building and property are valued at  $225,000.

  • $1,300,000
  • WY
  • $1,086,900
  • $266,118
  • $3,039,164
  • 278 | 100 | 277 | 98 | 281

This is a successful lumber and hardware company that was originally established in 1884, but the current owners have been running the business since 2005. The business has been affiliated with this family since 1967 and since then has built an amazing reputation within the community and very loyal, strong customer support. Built for expansion in mind this 3 acre property houses 8 buildings; 7 for materials and supplies and a main building that supports a showroom, office space and a warehouse. This is a building center capable of supporting all building needs and has proven so over the many years they have been in business. The owners are willing to train an incoming owner(s) for a short period of time. They are interested in selling so they may pursue other goals and hobbies of their own. This building supply company is located in the Northeast quarter of Nebraska. Assets are approximately an average of $180,000 inventory, $71,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings and $4,000 in other assets. Buildings and property are valued at approximately $364,000 and are included in the asking price. Ask for portfolio #334

  • $599,000
  • NE
  • $619,000
  • $71,089
  • $1,244,531
  • 277 | 281 | 287 | 283

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