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This well-established business with excellent revenue has no competition for 30 miles, and has the loyalty of the community it serves. The current owners have run it since 1983, and an energetic new owner could benefit from a transition time to reap the benefits of the owners’ expertise and customer service. Since the business is only operating Monday through Friday 7-5 and Saturday 7-12, there is room for expansion of revenue in extension of hours alone, besides developing products and services. Come check out this great opportunity in northeast Iowa today! The establishment is priced to include $220,000 of equipment, fixtures, and furnishings, and building and property valued at $250,000. Ask for portfolio #253. 

  • $550,000
  • IA
  • $470,000
  • $260,846
  • 53 | 281 | 277

This long-standing business has taken precast concrete products to an art form. Their products and techniques have been developed over the last 47 years to a point of perfection. Utilizing colors, textures, and finishes to great advantage, they have been able to provide unsurpassed and very realistic surfaces of many aspects out of precast concrete, as well as doing such varied articles as culverts, slate, hearthstones, wall caps, and roof tiles. All the necessary equipment and molds come with the business, which is of necessity able to be relocated, as it is currently on the owners’ estate. This could be advantageous, as the new owner could set up for himself or herself exactly what he or she would like as far as facilities, and perhaps a storefront. Come check out this great opportunity in beautiful southwest Montana today! The establishment is priced to include $250,000 in inventory and equipment, and $100,000 in other assets. Ask for portfolio #345.

  • $295,000
  • MT
  • $350,000
  • $25,139
  • $57,986
  • 173 | 107 | 113 | 277

This profitable, newly-remodeled, and historic business is a real catch! The company was established over a century ago, and the current owners have turned it into something truly special. With a fresh building remodel of the historic property, including more indoor storage and outdoor landscaping, this facility is fresh and ready to house the business’ functions for a long time. The current owners have also increased all product lines, turning this competition-free company into an even better, more complete shopping experience for their loyal customer base. Come check out this fantastic opportunity in southwest Montana today! The establishment is priced to include $700,000 in inventory, $320,000 in equipment and vehicles, $125,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and building and property valued at $330,000. Ask for portfolio #435.

  • $1,999,000
  • MT
  • $1,475,000
  • $158,508
  • $1,913,559
  • 281 | 277 | 287

This store offers its customers so much under one roof! Started as a seed/bulb company, the business has expanded to include so much more, such as live bait, pet supplies, seeds, plants, lawn care goods, household goods, fishing equipment, and even a café onsite. With a loyal customer base and a great reputation in the community, this business is poised to be successful and even expanded if desired. Come check out this fantastic opportunity in southeast Kansas. The establishment is priced to include $200,000 in inventory, $50,000 in equipment, and $25,000 in fixtures and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #438. 

  • $350,000
  • KS
  • $275,000
  • $85,883
  • 84 | 355 | 374 | 283 | 335

For over thirty years, this profitable shop has been the community’s go-to for all things lawn equipment. Its reputation for excellent service, quality work, and competitive pricing make this a fantastic business to take over and hit the ground running. While already successful, the business could be expanded many different ways and incorporate several more streams of revenue, including ATV/trailer sales, equipment rental, or machinery sales, just to name a few. Check out this wonderful opportunity in southeast Kansas today, you’ll be glad you did! The company is priced to include: $150,000 in inventory, $12,000 in equipment, $3,000 in fixtures and furnishings, $2,000 in other assets, and building and property valued at $245,000. Ask for portfolio # 148. 

  • $295,000
  • KS
  • $412,000
  • $267,284
  • 349 | 310 | 283 | 442 | 440

Established off of integrity and quality service, this Heating & Cooling Business has developed quite a reputation for themselves.  The business specializes in sales, installation and service of heating and cooling equipment in addition to being an authorized dealer for several name brand product lines.  This is a turn-key operation with a built in customer base along with a very knowledgeable team on board.  Inquire today to learn more about this lucrative opportunity located in northeast Minnesota. Assets will include $30,000 in average inventory and $55,800 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #0125

  • $680,000
  • MN
  • $85,800
  • $81,559
  • $444,986
  • 278 | 431 | 104


This business has been prominent within its community since 1981. Established by the current owners, this company has become one of the dominant retailers of lawn care equipment. A wide arrange of merchandise has earned this company an impeccable reputation that has garnered a consistent customer base, vastly increased profits, and looks to have a successful future ahead. The business operates out of an extensive and newly renovated building that provides a well-coordinated retail show room with a productive service area. The business is perfectly arranged for a new owner, with dependable employees in place, good name recognition, a satisfied customer base, and a smooth transition provided, making this a profitable business proposition. The business is within an excellent location of southeast Missouri, inquire to learn more. Assets are to include $250,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $75,000 in fixtures and furnishings.

  • $995,000
  • MO
  • $325,000
  • $332,596
  • $2,591,811
  • 254 | 283 | 442 | 382

Privately owned and operated since 1983, this business has truly developed through time into the remarkable business that stands today. Specializing in retail of home improvement and construction
products and services. Situated in an excellent location, residing on approximately 2 acres within a 5,000+ sq. ft. building that provides plenty of space for a retail show room along with productive service area. The business takes great pride in providing high quality products at a very competitive and reasonable price. There is limited competition in the area and high potential to develop further, which makes this business an excellent opportunity for a new owner. Inquire today to learn
more about this opportunity located in southwest Oklahoma.  Assets are to include $625,000 in average inventory, $65,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $50,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is included and is valued at $250,000. 

  • $1,495,000
  • OK
  • $990,000
  • $146,101
  • $944,250
  • 277 | 281 | 348 | 287

This DESIGN & MANUFACTURING BUSINESS was established 1970 by the current owner.  This is a very unique business with limitless possibilities.  This is a great opportunity that will not last long.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the southeast quarter of Missouri.  Assets are to include; $200,000 of Inventory, $300,000 of Equipment and Vehicles, $20,000 of Fixtures and Furnishings, and $50,000 in Other Assets.  The Building and Property are valued at $350,000.  Ask for Portfolio # 0184 

  • $2,200,000
  • MO
  • $920,000
  • $111,030
  • $681,145
  • 53 | 112 | 183

This RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL GLASS Company was established by the current owners in 1973.  This business offers quality services for residential and commercial customers including replacement, aluminum fabrication and repairs in older homes as well as new homes.  The reputation of this business keeps customers coming back and the word of mouth has not hurt this business a bit.  This unique opportunity does not come around often and will not last long.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the southeast quarter of Missouri.  Assets are to include; $50,000 in Inventory, $ 30,000 in Equipment and Vehicles, #5,000 in Fixtures and Furnishings.  The Building and Property are valued at $ 260,000.  Ask for Portfolio # 9003 

  • $475,000
  • mo
  • $345,000
  • $40,370
  • $173,856
  • 169 | 116 | 279

Operating since 1997, this lumber and building supply company has been an institute for its community. Residing in two building one is 16000 sq. ft. warehouse to keep lumber storage and equipment,  the other building is approximately 7000 sq. ft. that is used as a showroom and office area.  Lease option is available for the real estate.  The business has a remarkable market share of its area and has a very strong future ahead, due to its location with oil boom in the area.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent opportunity located in northeast Montana.  Assets to include $100,000 in equipment and $20,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  

  • $999,999
  • MT
  • $120,000
  • $1,022,852
  • 140 | 141 | 245 | 277

This FULL SERVICE AUTO & GLASS SHOP was established in 1985 and has been in operation by the current owner in 2005.  This auto and glass shop offers a magnitude of services for automobiles, RV’s, farm and heavy equipment and homes including sales, service and repairs.

  • $149,900
  • MT
  • $40,000
  • $57,476
  • $129,471
  • 279 | 423

Successfully operated by the current owners since 2003, this a well respected fencing company with a reputation for building high quality, attractive fences and decks throughout the service area.  The current owners have not been able to dedicate their full attention to this business due to other opportunities, and are ready to sell to the right buyer who could easily rebound the business since there is a required need for the company’s services.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent company located in northeast Kansas.  Assets will include $30,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  

  • $74,999
  • KS
  • $35,000
  • $47,041
  • $98,745
  • 53 | 111 | 120

HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLER! The business specializes in sales, maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration systems, like coolers, ice makers and freezers for restaurants, grocery stores, c-stores, and manufacturing plants.  

  • $350,000
  • WY
  • $185,500
  • $118,295
  • $348,856
  • 252 | 431 | 441 | 278

Family owned and operated since 2010, this is an impressive Equipment Rental Company that thrives on their integrity, as they provide friendly courteous service for all of their clientele.  The business is conveniently located on approximately 3 acres of land, providing more than adequate space for the equipment that is needed for construction, landscaping, farms, ranches oil and gas fields, mining, roadwork and for home improvement. Located in Wyoming. 

  • $3,950,000
  • WY
  • $2,655,000
  • $690,736
  • $1,107,664
  • 418 | 283

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