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Featured FSBONEW

Successfully operated by the current owners since 2003, this a well respected fencing company with a reputation for building high quality, attractive fences and decks throughout the service area.  The current owners have not been able to dedicate their full attention to this business due to other opportunities, and are ready to sell to the right buyer who could easily rebound the business since there is a required need for the company’s services.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent company located in northeast Kansas.  Assets will include $30,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  

  • $74,999
  • KS
  • $35,000
  • $47,041
  • $98,745
  • 53 | 111 | 120
Featured FSBONEW

The business specializes in sales, maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration systems, like coolers, ice makers and freezers for restaurants, grocery stores, c-stores, and manufacturing plants.  

  • $350,000
  • WY
  • $185,500
  • $118,295
  • $348,856
  • 252 | 431 | 441 | 278

This business is a reliable source for reselling and distribution of motorcycles, snowmobiles, power equipment, supplies and product.  

  • $799,000
  • WY
  • $230,000
  • $90,445
  • $1,517,859
  • 308 | 309 | 310 | 283

Family owned and operated since 2010, this is an impressive Equipment Rental Company that thrives on their integrity, as they provide friendly courteous service for all of their clientele.  The business is conveniently located on approximately 3 acres of land, providing more than adequate space for the equipment that is needed for construction, landscaping, farms, ranches oil and gas fields, mining, roadwork and for home improvement. Located in Wyoming. 

  • $3,950,000
  • WY
  • $2,655,000
  • $690,736
  • $1,107,664
  • 418 | 283
Featured FSBO

This family business has been deeply rooted within the community since 1976.  The business has expanded its services throughout the years of a hardware store to including automotive service, large equipment and tool rentals. Located in Pennsylvania.  

  • $199,999
  • PA
  • $170,000
  • $117,093
  • $1,031,470
  • 252 | 281 | 418 | 301

Established in 1984 by the current owner as a retail plumbing business, through the years this business has evolved offering service of heating and plumbing in addition to the retail end of the business.  This is an exceptional business with a complete showroom and product that completely out shine its competitors.  Handling only heating and swamp cooler service, but does not handle refrigerated air conditioning, if desired a new owner could add this service and increase profits.  The business has developed a very strong reputation for quality product and excellent customer service which has developed a very extensive and loyal customer base.   Using only top of the line products and knowledgeable staff on hand, makes this business is unique on its own.  Inquire today to learn more about this great opportunity located in northwest New Mexico.  Assets included are $100,000 in average inventory, $45,000 in vehicles, $50,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings, and $25,000 in other assets.  The building and property is valued at $550,000.  

  • $990,000
  • NM
  • $770,000
  • $203,362
  • $387,737
  • 104 | 251 | 278

Established in the 1980’s, this marble and granite company has been very rewarding to the current owners since 2010.   The business manufactures custom marble and granite products then wholesales them to contractors and lumber yards, in addition to retailing them to property owners and government officials.  The owners have done a substantial amount of installations also, from countertops and back splashes to bathtub enclosures.  They are willing to train and introduce a new buyer to the impressive customer base that has been acquired for over 30 years.   This is an exceptional business with solid brand recognition, a strong customer base, tremendous growth potential and great profit margins.  Inquire today to learn more about this extraordinary business opportunity, located in southeast North Dakota.  Assets are to include $69,342 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings.  

  • $84,999
  • ND
  • $69,342
  • $26,585
  • $39,648
  • 245 | 109 | 107 | 174 | 277

This garden center has been in continuous operation since its beginnings in 1976.  The business has developed significantly through time into the successful business that is today with an abundant of greenhouses that cover the property providing indoor growing areas, propagation room for seed germination and soil media preparation, along with plenty of acreage for the tree nursery that boasts varieties of stock. The business   retails and wholesaling plants, trees, vegetables, ext.  The major component of operation in the business would be the spring retail bedding plants with the majority grown from seeds or from rooted cuttings supplied from vendors nationwide.  This business is positioned in an excellent location with plenty of room for expansion if a new owner desires to increase production.  Inquire today to learn more about this lucrative business that is located in northwest Nebraska.  Assets included are $250,000 in inventory, $120,000 in equipment and vehicles, and $10,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property is valued at $500,000.  

  • $1,200,000
  • NE
  • $880,000
  • $47,874
  • $299,934
  • 272 | 476 | 478 | 283

This business has been rooted within its community since 1956, and successfully operated by the current owners since 2005. The business sells an abundant of auto, home and hardware supplies in addition to servicing vehicles. This business has great potential with exclusive access to its market area. Inquire today to learn more about this excellent business opportunity located in northwest Idaho. Assets will include $200,000 in inventory, $100,000 in equipment and vehicle, $25,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is valued at $400,000.

  • $690,000
  • ID
  • $725,000
  • $68,538
  • $682,685
  • 281 | 425 | 301 | 426

This is a Full-Service Automotive Repair & Body Shop including the sales and service of all terrain vehicles, lawn equipment and used automotive vehicles that was established by the current owners in 2003. Through the years the business has developed an impeccable reputation for excellence and integrity, which has led the business to expand its services. The diversity of this business has truly sets it apart from competition and the ability to provide an abundant of services, truly makes this an excellent businesses opportunity with strong stability. Assets will include $125,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is valued at $494,000. Located in Southeast North Dakota.

  • $799,999
  • ND
  • $619,000
  • $164,820
  • $5,049,638
  • 300 | 309 | 310 | 283 | 426

Established by the current owners in 1995, through time this business has diversified into several streams of services. The business sells and services trailers, lawn and garden equipment in addition to having self storage units. The business is housed in state of the art facilities all on one property, with expertly trained staff on hand. With over 20 units that are occupied almost all year round, servicing everything that is sold, conveniently located with plenty of room for expansion, this is an excellent business opportunity that is ready to be developed to higher levels. Inquire to learn more about this wonderful opportunity located in southeast Wisconsin. Assets will include $35,000 in equipment, and $15,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property is valued at $1,750,000.

  • $2,995,000
  • WI
  • $1,800,000
  • $51,789
  • $441,875
  • 228 | 283 | 306 | 348 | 421

This door and cabinet hardware store has a large selection of hardware, carrying dozen of brands and hundreds of products, as you can see when you walk through the showroom of this business. Established in southeast Nebraska.

  • $199,999
  • NE
  • $45,000
  • $62,170
  • $252,384
  • 120 | 281
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Established in southeast Nebraska is this significant hardware store that has been serving its community since 1914.  The current owners have been successfully operating the business since 1978.  The hardware store has evolved through the years to keep up with technology and is fully stocked in inventory with everything from shovels to HVAC filters, from drill bits to snake repellent.  This is a great classic hardware store that is housed in a building that was developed in 1886, includes a basement and 2 additional floors offering enough room for expansion of inventory or possible another business to generate additional income.  Inquire to learn more about this classic business that has been around for centuries. Assets are to include $125,000 in inventory, $3,500 in equipment, $5,000 in Fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property is valued at $100,000.  
  • $299,999
  • NE
  • $233,500
  • $83,921
  • 251 | 278 | 281

Established in southeast Nebraska is this landscaping material and pre-cast concrete business, which has been serving its community and surrounding area since 1950.  The business specializes in wholesale and retail of a vast array of quality pre-cast concrete products, custom ornamental iron railings and fences, in addition to a full line of landscape and hardscape material.  

  • $1,750,000
  • NE
  • $975,000
  • $226,300
  • $1,384,130
  • 245 | 171 | 174 | 277 | 283

This Lighting Company was established by the current owner in 2001.  Over the years the business has developed an excellent reputation for high quality products and providing attentive and excellent services.  This is a great business opportunity at a reasonable price and is only limited to the vision and enthusiasm of the new owner.  Inquire to learn more.  Assets are to include $6,500 in inventory, $2,500 in vehicles and $21,045 in other assets. Ask for portfolio #0083.

  • $74,900
  • ID
  • $30,045
  • $26,595
  • $185,202
  • 280 | 332 | 365

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