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This mobile glass installation operation has been successfully catering to the southern half of Texas for almost twenty years. This business services everything from automobiles and recreational vehicles to commercial and residential establishments. The longevity of this company is the result of consistent quality and top-tier customer service. There is ample room to expand this business in ways that have not been previously utilized, offering endless amounts of growth for a new entrepreneur. Assets are to include $37,000 worth of vehicles and $7,000 in Equipment. Call us today to find out in depth what a great opportunity this business offers! Request portfolio #8!

  • $350,000
  • TX
  • $44,000
  • $69,744
  • $200,367
  • 119 | 15 | 243 | 301

For over 25 years this clean and well kept, highly recommended motel, located in the southwestern quarter of Nevada, has been considered the best in it's area and it's easy to understand why.  They offer over fifty fully accommodating rooms which include everything from modern full sized flat-screen televisions to free WiFi throughout the entire property. This motel is the ideal stay for people who are in town for vacation, business or those who are just simply passing through. This business is incredibly profitable and opportunities like this never last long. Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in Average Inventory, $300,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings and $500,000 worth of additional assets. The real estate is valued at $3,000,000. Call us today and request Portfolio #58!

  • $5,300,000
  • NV
  • $3,810,000
  • $438,562
  • $863,233
  • 69 | 393

This business is growing, and you can be apart of it!  Cutting-edge green cleaning products help the environment and the company's excellent reputation helps revenue.  The revenue has increased significantly recently through marketing and the business could be expanded if desires.  With a variety of cleaning services including: carpets, rugs, tile, stone and upholstery profits look to stay consistent.  Check out this great well established opportunity in northern New Mexico today!   Assets are to include $4,000 of inventory, $24,000 of equipment, vehicles & fixtures & furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #24

  • $99,500
  • NM
  • $28,000
  • $102,909
  • 420 | 407

This well established, multi-faceted hobby shop has been successfully catering to Southwestern Missouri for almost 50 years. This is much more than a business, it's a fun place to be! As a result, the company has solidified a loyal customer base, both locally and beyond. They offer something for everyone of all ages in an industry that will never waver. A new owner could easily expand this business by establishing a web presence and offering additional products and services. Assets are to include approximately $85,000 in Average Inventory and $27,660 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings.  Opportunities to own a business like this that has been established for so many years are hard to come by, so call us today and request Portfolio #340!

  • $190,000
  • MO
  • $112,660
  • $231,126
  • 222 | 362

This exceptionally profitable graphic design and printing company has been offering it's talents to the Southwestern quarter of Texas for over forty years. The business offers a wide array of products ranging from flyers, posters, newsletters, brochures, booklets, banners and many more promotional products and services. The current owners have been steadily growing this business since first purchasing it more than a decade ago and are now looking to sell the company in order to move closer to their family. Assets are to include Approximately $7,500 in Average Inventory and $45,175 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The Real Estate is valued at $260,000. This is a rare opportunity to step into a highly profitable enterprise with limitless possibilities for continued growth. Call us today and request Portfolio #0073!

  • $1,200,000
  • TX
  • $312,675
  • $125,665
  • $250,153
  • 23 | 153 | 155 | 154

This old fashioned mom & pop grill, located in the southeastern quarter of Ohio, has been a premier asset of it's community for over thirty years. The establishment sits upon a scenic plot of land, offering customer's a breathtaking atmosphere while they partake in delicious, county-fair reminiscent foods and beverages. There is a vast amount of growth potential that has yet to be explored that could easily triple profits in a very short amount of time. The current owner's are looking to slow down to focus on their family and other endeavors, therefore they have this business priced to sell! Assets are to include approximately $3,500 in Average Inventory, $34,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings and $7,500 in Additional Assets. The Real Estate is valued at $125,000. Don't miss out on this one of a kind opportunity! Call us today!

  • $199,500
  • OH
  • $170,000
  • $91,429
  • 122 | 336 | 7 | 129 | 337

This highly established heavy construction enterprise was established nearly 40 years ago and has been serving the Southwest quarter of Colorado for the past 30. Withstanding the test of time this business has become a well known staple of the area. Based on a massive plot of land which is only mildly utilized, this business has exponential room for growth. This is a full on turnkey opportunity and ideal for a dedicated new owner. Assets are to include approximately $50,000 in Average Inventory, $1,110,000 in Equipment, Vehicles, Fixtures & Furnishings and Real Estate valued at $1,400,000. Call us today and request Portfolio #308!

  • $3,299,000
  • CO
  • $2,560,000
  • $188,660
  • $846,163
  • 4 | 15 | 103

First opening it's doors in the early 1980's this service station has become a highly regarded and valued staple of it's community in the Southwestern quarter of Oklahoma.  The business offers customer service reminiscent of a bygone era, something you'd truly have to witness to believe. The current owner has successfully operated this business for many years and now wishes to focus his time and energy into other endeavors, thus providing a prime opportunity for a new entrepreneur or corporate acquisition to step into this thriving business with plenty of room for additional opportunity for continuous growth and success. Assets are to include approximately $250,000 in average inventory, $525,000 in Equipment, Vehicles, Fixtures & Furnishings and $75,000 in Other Assets. The Real Estate is valued at $250,000. Call us today and request Portfolio $559! 

  • $2,600,000
  • OK
  • $1,100,000
  • $60,288
  • $2,768,531
  • 206 | 243 | 303 | 301

For 40 years this eminently lucrative restaurant has been indulging it's community in the Southeastern quarter of Ohio. They have an impeccable reputation for serving high quality food and beverages at very reasonable prices. In addition to a top-notch dining atmosphere, this business also pulls a nice profit from outside catering.  The business features a multi-story building that has not been fully utilized, offering a new owner the opportunity to expand the business with a banquet room and additional dining rooms, there's even room to create living quarters for the new owners and their family! The possibilities are literally limitless and the current owners are certain that this business will offer continued success for many years to come. Assets are to include $12,000 in average inventory, $75,000 in equipment, fixtures & furnishings and $15,000 in other assets. The building and property are valued at $325,000. Call us today and request portfolio #547!

  • $460,000
  • OH
  • $427,000
  • $412,805
  • 7 | 297 | 338 | 337

  This well adorned jewelry store has solidified a phenomenal reputation for quality craftsmanship and service throughout the southwest quarter of Wisconsin for over 30 years. By offering a multitude of services including sales, appraisals and repairs - the business has consistently presented a very comfortable profit for the current owners. Now approaching retirement, the founders of the company are prepared to pass this opportunity down to the next generation with the utmost confidence in the continued success of the business for many years to come. Assets are to include approximately $200,000 in Average Inventory and $10,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The Building and Property are valued at $275,000. Call today!

  • $499,999
  • WI
  • $485,000
  • $64,956
  • $301,525
  • 35 | 219 | 220 | 224

Located in central Wisconsin is this highly reputable repair/customization shop that specializes with trucks and heavy-duty equipment.  The business provides repair and maintenance to all makes and models, domestic or foreign trucks and equipment in addition to customization and ACR blasting.    No job is too big or too small for this business as it is implemented with a highly-trained technicians and the necessary equipment needed to get the job done, whether it is a complete engine replacement to an oil change.  The facility is very spacious as it accommodates several working bays and a state-of-the-art paint booth all suitable to contain heavy equipment  and semi-trucks.  The business is growing rapidly with majority of the capital expenditures complete, providing an excellent opportunity for the right buyer to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to enjoy the developing profits.  Inquire today to learn more about this booming business.  Assets will include approximately $100,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property is included and valued at $815,000.  

  • $999,999
  • WI
  • $916,000
  • $383,912
  • 427 | 243 | 423 | 424

Located in a small community with big attractions stands this highly successful, beautiful, mountainside boutique in the southwest quarter of Montana. By offering a vast selection of clothing, jewelry, gifts, footwear, souvenirs, home furnishings and much more - this business has seen immense success over the decades. First opening it's doors over twenty years ago as one of the town's original stores, the current owner is now in the position to turn the keys over to someone new in order to retire and pursue other interests. Assets are to include approximately $250,000 in average inventory and $30,000 in equipment, fixtures & furnishings. The real estate is valued at $500,000. Call us today to further inquire about this amazing opportunity! 

  • $1,400,000
  • MT
  • $780,000
  • $81,254
  • $415,274
  • 132 | 133 | 313 | 19 | 312

For nearly twenty years this highly prosperous Bed & Breakfast has been providing North-Central Arizona with top-notch service and hospitality that is second to none. Located off of the beaten path, this business offers a quiet and secluded getaway for guests from all around the world. The location is rich with beautiful, photographic landscapes and a vibe that defines the very best of Arizona. To the West, the owner also owns additional properties, both developed and non-developed, that could be purchased separately. Assets are to include approximately $150,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The real estate of the Bed & Breakfast is valued at $1,800,000. This is an incredible value for an amazing business! Call us today! 

  • $1,950,000
  • AZ
  • $1,950,000
  • $145,077
  • $250,512
  • 69 | 395 | 396 | 393

 In the northeastern quarter of Minnesota sits this familiar, nationally known center for sewing and repurposed decor. Established over 40 years ago and still going strong, this business offers a plethora of wonderful opportunities for a new owner.  Currently offering sales on everything from fabric, notions, patterns, quilting & more as well as conducting classes on sewing and quilting. One could greatly expand this business by incorporating the sales & service of sewing machines and establishing a social media presence. Topped off with a beautiful, spacious building that doubles as an amazing home - this investment could be the ultimate chance for you to turn your dreams into a profitable reality! Assets are to include $200,000 in Average Inventory and $8,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The Real Estate is valued at $325,000. Call us today!

  • $529,000
  • MN
  • $533,000
  • $78,770
  • 224 | 131 | 135 | 325 | 19

For over sixty years this highly successful meat processing service & market has been serving the southeast quarter of  Minnesota. Offering a vast selection of retail meats as well as processing to, most recently, a growing catering division of the business. After three decades of satisfying and profitable ownership, the current owner is now ready to pass on this opportunity unto someone who will continue to grow this highly trusted establishment into the next generation. Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in average inventory and $120,000 in Equipment, Fixtures and Furnishings. The building and property are valued at $310,000. Call us today, ask for portfolio #0536 and see for yourself what this incredible opportunity has to offer!

  • $499,000
  • MN
  • $440,000
  • $127,646
  • $408,333
  • 9 | 122 | 121

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