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Located in a small community with big attractions stands this highly successful, beautiful, mountainside boutique in the southwest quarter of Montana. By offering a vast selection of clothing, jewelry, gifts, footwear, souvenirs, home furnishings and much more - this business has seen immense success over the decades. First opening it's doors over twenty years ago as one of the town's original stores, the current owner is now in the position to turn the keys over to someone new in order to retire and pursue other interests. Assets are to include approximately $250,000 in average inventory and $30,000 in equipment, fixtures & furnishings. The real estate is valued at $500,000. Call us today to further inquire about this amazing opportunity! 

  • $1,400,000
  • MT
  • $780,000
  • $81,254
  • $415,274
  • 132 | 133 | 313 | 19 | 312

For nearly twenty years this highly prosperous Bed & Breakfast has been providing North-Central Arizona with top-notch service and hospitality that is second to none. Located off of the beaten path, this business offers a quiet and secluded getaway for guests from all around the world. The location is rich with beautiful, photographic landscapes and a vibe that defines the very best of Arizona. To the West, the owner also owns additional properties, both developed and non-developed, that could be purchased separately. Assets are to include approximately $150,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The real estate of the Bed & Breakfast is valued at $1,800,000. This is an incredible value for an amazing business! Call us today! 

  • $1,950,000
  • AZ
  • $1,950,000
  • $145,077
  • $250,512
  • 69 | 395 | 396 | 393

 In the northeastern quarter of Minnesota sits this familiar, nationally known center for sewing and repurposed decor. Established over 40 years ago and still going strong, this business offers a plethora of wonderful opportunities for a new owner.  Currently offering sales on everything from fabric, notions, patterns, quilting & more as well as conducting classes on sewing and quilting. One could greatly expand this business by incorporating the sales & service of sewing machines and establishing a social media presence. Topped off with a beautiful, spacious building that doubles as an amazing home - this investment could be the ultimate chance for you to turn your dreams into a profitable reality! Assets are to include $200,000 in Average Inventory and $8,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. The Real Estate is valued at $325,000. Call us today!

  • $529,000
  • MN
  • $533,000
  • $78,770
  • 224 | 131 | 135 | 325 | 19

For over sixty years this highly successful meat processing service & market has been serving the southeast quarter of  Minnesota. Offering a vast selection of retail meats as well as processing to, most recently, a growing catering division of the business. After three decades of satisfying and profitable ownership, the current owner is now ready to pass on this opportunity unto someone who will continue to grow this highly trusted establishment into the next generation. Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in average inventory and $120,000 in Equipment, Fixtures and Furnishings. The building and property are valued at $310,000. Call us today, ask for portfolio #0536 and see for yourself what this incredible opportunity has to offer!

  • $499,000
  • MN
  • $440,000
  • $127,646
  • $408,333
  • 9 | 122 | 121

This breathtakingly beautiful Bed & Breakfast was constructed in the 1800's and incorporated under it's current moniker over a decade ago. Located in the East central section of Wisconsin, this business remains the only one of it's kind for miles - making it highly recognized and very profitable as well as insuring stability for a new owner. The real estate is aesthetic both inside and out, embracing a vintage yet modern vibe that keeps this business booked for years in advance by many types of individuals. Assets are to include approximately $7,000 in average inventory, a $45,000 guest list and $150,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishing. The real estate itself is valued at $280,000. This opportunity will not last long and you don't want to miss it! Call us today and request Portfolio #0036!

  • $499,999
  • WI
  • $482,000
  • $30,561
  • $107,202
  • 69 | 396 | 393

For almost thirty years this farm supply company has been a trusted resource for it's friendly southeastern Arizonan community. By offering everything from hay and livestock feed to saddles, tack, propane and outerwear; this highly lucrative business is a hot spot for both ranchers and locals alike. The demand for this establishment is unwavering and will surely provide a new owner with an immediate and immense level of success. Assets are to include approximately $90,000 in average inventory and $110,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Real estate is valued at $400,000. 

  • $899,999
  • AZ
  • $600,000
  • $125,887
  • $985,708
  • 2 | 3 | 471

  For over six decades this high quality, full service HVAC contracting company has been serving the northwestern quarter of Minnesota. Over the years, dozens of competitors have come and gone while this business has held it's ground at a nice, steady pace. The purchase includes a large shop, complete with a showroom, offices, storage and a working shop with all of the tools you need to successfully operate this business from day one. Assets are to include approximately of $30,000 in average inventory, $45,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures & Furnishings. The real estate is valued at $175,000. This is a stellar opportunity to make a very comfortable living. 

  • $299,000
  • MN
  • $250,000
  • $84,101
  • $177,149
  • 251 | 180 | 278

Established in the early 1980's, in the northern half of Idaho. This high profile flooring company has solidified it's legacy through providing prompt, friendly service on competitively priced products. The company features a large showroom demonstrating an extensive array of carpet, vinyl, hardwood, tile and laminate flooring, in addition to counter-tops and blinds. To top it off, the business offers Installation and water restoration services, breeding multiple revenue streams. Assets are to include approximately $32,000 in average inventory, $125,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures & furnishing. The real estate is valued at $500,000. This is a great opportunity in a great area! 

  • $1,100,000
  • ID
  • $657,000
  • $161,863
  • $646,339
  • 20 | 110 | 111

Excellent opportunity for a highly regarded, full-service automotive repair center for both gas and diesel engines.  Its fully equipped facility provides multiple bays, state-of-the-art equipment, and 6 full-time certified mechanics (each with different specialties).  Positioned on a major highway in southern Texas that provides convenience and great visibility.  Assets will include approximately $13,000 in average inventory, and $135,000 in equipment, vehicle, fixtures, and furnishings.

  • $699,999
  • TX
  • $148,000
  • $184,060
  • $908,288
  • 427 | 425 | 426

 Established nearly 70 years ago and operated by the current owners for the past three decades, this West Texas based business is a highly recognized and a continually successful gentleman's apparel storefront. Offering everything from upscale men's clothing to top-notch alterations has kept this business profitable and thriving. The store is conveniently located near a Military base resulting in a good portion of sales from the application of requisite insignias and patches. The current owners feel as though this business will provide a new owner with a great opportunity with plenty of potential for growth within a great community! Assets are to include $45,000 in average inventory, and $35,000 in Equipment, Fixtures, Furnishings & Other Assets. Call us today and ask for portfolio #0532.

  • $169,000
  • TX
  • $80,000
  • $122,017
  • 57 | 265 | 311 | 364 | 321

 Starting at home over a decade ago this immensely successful custom jigsaw-puzzle manufacturing company has been consistently bringing in tremendous profit and is now ready to go a step further under new ownership. All transactions are handled online making this business not only easy to manage but also very relocatable!  Assets are to include $55,000 in average inventory and $225,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Are you ready to escape the rat race and relax more, all the while making a great income? Call us today and request portfolio #0099!

  • $5,990,000
  • WI
  • $280,000
  • $545,984
  • $1,235,089
  • 274 | 153 | 380 | 360

This immensely successful and well established HVAC enterprise has been catering to the southeastern quarter of Texas for nearly fifty years. This business is widely considered the best company of it's kind within it's region. By offering everything from sales & service to storage and shop rentals, the company provides multiple highly profitable streams of revenue that can be immediately utilized by a new owner. After half a decade of top-tier service, the current owners are now ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Assets are to include $30,000 in average inventory, $685,000 in Vehicles, Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings and Real Estate valued at $350,000. This is a phenomenal price for an incredible business! Call us today and request portfolio #0562. 

  • $995,000
  • TX
  • $448,500
  • $411,540
  • $1,023,977
  • 251 | 198 | 180 | 441 | 278

  For over seventy years this accounting firm has been serving Individuals and Businesses alike in Northern Idaho. Purchased in the early 1980's by the current owners, this firm has had consistent and immense success by offering everything from income tax preparation, payroll & accounting services to bill management and auditing. Located in the heart of it's community, the firm is very visible and easily accessible. Although the business already has a substantial market share of it's trade area, the potential to increase the customer base & profit is very good. Assets are to include $1,000 in average inventory and $15,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Building & Property are valued at $80,000. Call us today!

  • $495,000
  • ID
  • $96,000
  • $169,607
  • $394,684
  • 62 | 463 | 462

Located in the Sunny Southeastern Quarter of vibrant Arizona is a highly profitable Mobile Home & RV Park complete with Rentals and two shooting ranges! Purchased by the current owners over 10 years ago, the Park has been completely modernized and has become extremely profitable as a result. Now ready for retirement and a change of pace, the current owners are looking for someone to pick up where they're leaving off and continue it's success into the next generation. Assets are to include Buildings & Property valued at $418,500 and equipment valued at $18,350. Call us today and ask for portfolio #565! 

  • $399,500
  • AZ
  • $436,850
  • $29,105
  • $90,940
  • 66 | 353 | 397

This highly respected and profitable Auto Body and Automotive Accessory business was conceived in the early 1970's in Southwestern Ohio and has been continuously prosperous for two generations of ownership. The current owners are now ready to pass the keys of this proven and profitable business to a qualified buyer in order to retire and pursue their lifelong interests. Assets are to include $15,000 in Average Inventory, $150,000 in Equipment, Vehicles, Fixtures & Furnishings and $190,000 in Additional Assets. Don't sit on this opportunity to own a great company in a beautiful & friendly community. Call us today and request portfolio #107!

  • $799,000
  • OH
  • $355,000
  • $165,400
  • $559,082
  • 206 | 243 | 301

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