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$1,695,000 price includes $950,000 cabins and lodge, $300,000 land, $280,000 FF&E, $100,000 campground, $60,000 six other buildings and $5,000 approximate inventory. Cabins and Seasonal Campsites. Located on a chain of nine lakes. Ask for portfolio #659.

  • $1,695,000
  • MN
  • $1,891,284
  • $118,085
  • $220,047
  • 86 | 395 | 397

  Located in Southern Idaho, this Retailer & Manufacturer of delicious Gluten-Free food has been going above and beyond to serve the needs of their customers for the better half of a decade. Built upon the current owner's own personal battle with Celiac Disease, this isn't another Business jumping on the bandwagon. This Business has flourished within it's market and offers hundreds of great tasting products including; Breads, Dinners, Desserts & Soups at very reasonable prices. This business has a substantial amount of growth yet to be explored and offers itself to worldwide expansion. Asserts are to include $120,000 in Inventory, $75,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings and $850,000 in Other Assets. Opportunities like this are incredibly hard to come by so call us today and ask for Portfolio #0074!

  • $2,900,000
  • ID
  • $1,045,000
  • 7 | 266 | 125 | 130 | 288

Calling all contractors!! This is an excellent opportunity to own a profitable, well-established general contracting business that specializes in new home development and remodeling service for existing homes and businesses.  The business is well-equipped to handle almost any job of any size. Established with several working crew that are highly experienced and well trained to complete all projects within a prompt manor.  Its impeccable service has earned this company an astonishing reputation that has lead to a vast customer base that consist of repeat or referred clients. The business is in an excellent location that provides consistent growth and high-quality of life.  Inquire today to learn about this profitable business opportunity in southeastern Wyoming.  Assets will include approximately $10,000 in average inventory and $241,500 in equipment and vehicles.  Ask for portfolio #254.

  • $775,000
  • WY
  • $251,500
  • $55,493
  • $1,363,930
  • 98

Since the 1940's this Full Service Dry Cleaning & Laundry Business has successfully been serving southwestern Ohio.  Providing superb customer service to people or businesses needing linens, uniforms, floor coverings or formal wear dry cleaned or laundry services.  They provide timely services for many different types of clothing including fur, suede or leather.  Delivery services are even available!  The laundry sector helps with the over all sales while providing a well needed service for the local community.  Sale of the business comes with everything necessary to efficiently run the business with a lease option on the building, the current owner has recently purchased a 12HP Boiler to be included with the sale of the business. Assets are to include $183,000 in equipment & vehicles, $6,000 in fixtures & furniture.  Approximately $10,000 in average inventory & $4,000 in other assets.  Ask for portfolio #21.

  • $297,000
  • OH
  • $203,000
  • $65,220
  • $246,787
  • 400 | 399 | 407

This well-established machining company has excelled over the years and now manufactures parts for several industries, as well as supplying parts for others. The business is stable and collects excellent revenues with good profits. The potential to expand still exists, as hours and services could be enlarged. With an excellent reputation and a long history of specialized knowledge, this company is poised to do something really special. There are products in place for various equipment types, and the business is well equipped for growth. Come check out this great opportunity in southwest Nebraska today!  This establishment is priced to include $10,000 in inventory, $125,000 in equipment, and $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #439. 

  • $290,000
  • NE
  • $140,000
  • $56,898
  • $157,826
  • 194 | 192 | 195 | 196 | 199

This is a full-service carpet and upholstery cleaning business in addition to servicing of vacuum cleaners and vapor machines. Established in 1980 by the current owners, throughout the years the business has developed an impeccable reputation, impacting the entire service area. As they have served over 3,000 customers within the last ten years maintain majority as reoccurring residential contracts with services paid up front. Offers their clients a healthy home program with ongoing schedule services, has further solidified an exceptional business. The method used for cleaning has produced amazing results as verified in a three inch binder full of testimonials. The current owners will provide a smooth transition for a new owner. Inquire to learn more about this excellent business opportunity, located in southwestern Wyoming. Assets will include $70,480 for equipment and vehicle. There is a lease option available for the building and property.

  • $135,000
  • WY
  • $70,480
  • $39,709
  • $84,553
  • 331 | 407



This boutique was established in 2001 and purchased by the current owner in 2008. Since buying the consignment shop they have remodeled the location as well as grew profits. Operating on a 7hr/6day a week schedule, they have done well for themselves. The customers return for great clothing, fair pricing and not to mention the outstanding customer service. The owners take the time to get to know the customers and what they like. They spend one on one time with them as they enter the store and help personalize their shopping experience. Doing so has helped build the reputation of the business as well as earned the current owners respect from the community. The business sits within the retail section of the city and has great foot and vehicle traffic. Easily visible on and off the highway, this business has a constant flow of customers. This property is full of character and fits all the requirements of being added to the National Historic Registry. Do not miss out on this opportunity to work and live in an amazing community with amazing neighbors and customers. Located in the Southwest quarter of Colorado.  Assets are to include approximately an average inventory of $1,000 and $5,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings. The building and property are approximately valued at $200,000 and are included in the asking price. Ask for portfolio #217

  • $199,777
  • CO
  • $206,000
  • $80,590
  • 285 | 316 | 286

The current owner created a kick boat/raft that is the finest and most durable fishing craft ever invented. The business was voted one of the best inventions for fishing in 2005 by a popular magazine. Its uses extend to fishing, bow and rifle hunting, bird watching and wildlife photography. This business is totally relocatable and is a great candidate for a buyer to add this amazing craft to some other sporting goods lines. Gross sales of $88,421. Assets include $33,000 of Inventory. Priced at $300,000. Located in Eastern Montana. Ask for portfolio number 0014.

  • $300,000
  • MT
  • $33,000
  • $31,101
  • 305
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This business specializes in well and pump maintenance, serving its community since  2003.  The business has a substantial market share of its trade as it provides service within a 100 miles radius, it is the business that other plumber or electricians call on for assistance, it is very well equipped with its own custom built service rig, and has a remarkable name with an extensive customer base.  It is profitable as is but has unlimited potential to develop much further as the current owner only operates  a few days a week.  The owner is willing to assist with the transition of ownership to insure a smooth connection with clients and would assist a buyer if they needed further education in the field.  The business is located within an excellent community of northeast New Mexico.  Assets will include approximately $5,000 in average inventory, and $65,000 in equipment and vehicles.  

  • $99,999
  • NM
  • $70,000
  • $68,108
  • 114 | 120 | 442

This specialized mining industry related business was established in 1994 by the current owner in Wyoming.  This business has grown significantly over the years and has maintained an exceptional reputation within a 300 mile market area close to numerous mining industry locations.  This business specializes in the maintenance, repair and service of  very sensitive equipment utilized by mining companies on a daily basis.  It is located in a very active area of the country for a business in this field.  Relocation is possible within the market area while still continuing to thrive.  This is a very unique business opportunity and may not last long so don't miss out!  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the northeast quarter of Wyoming.  Assets are to include approximately $30,000 in equipment and vehicles.  Ask for portfolio #461

  • $265,000
  • WY
  • $30,000
  • $63,684
  • $145,698
  • 442 | 420

Love animals and are certified/licensed dog groomer?  Then look no further this is the business for you.  Founded in 1979, this pet grooming business has created a remarkable name for itself.  Operating out of a 1,500 plus sq. ft. building that provides ample space for the bathe room and a retail show room of assorted pet supplies.  The facility is in an excellent location for visibility, accessible access, and close connection to major highways/ interstates. The owners are ready to retire and have priced this accordingly.  Inquire to learn more about this fun exciting opportunity located in northeast Indiana.  Assets are to included approximately $4,000 in average inventory, $3,500 in equipment, and $3,500 in fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property will be included in the sale and is valued at $98,000.  

  • $175,000
  • IN
  • $110,500
  • $53,228
  • $82,231
  • 83 | 374 | 407


Wholesaling cold climate trees across several states this business also has multiple storage units for RV's, boats, campers and much more.  This business is located in Idaho and was established by the current owners in 1990.  After 26 years of successful business the current owners are ready to retire and are including everything needed to efficiently run the business.  Contact us today!  Assets are to include $92,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings.  Approximately $119,470 in average inventory.  Building and property are valued at $60,000.  Ask for portfolio #82.

  • $289,000
  • ID
  • $271,470
  • $64,524
  • $150,359
  • 479 | 14 | 271 | 478 | 228


Operating since 1962, this well established business resides in a 10,000 square foot building housing a large restaurant and banquet room in addition to a bowling alley and a retail floral shop.    With three unique revenue streams this business is positioned to provide a steady income for years to come.  The current owners are ready to sell and are willing to negotiate on the asking price.  Inquire to learn more about this excellent opportunity located in western Nebraska.  Total assets include $30,659 in average inventory, $265,200 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings, and the building and land is valued at $175,000.   Ask for portfolio number 0310.

  • $235,000
  • NE
  • $470,859
  • $40,638
  • $299,330
  • 337 | 375 | 448
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Located in Wyoming for the last 28 years lies this CHIMNEY & STOVE SERVICE BUSINESS.   Established in 1988 by the current owners offering multiple services to property owners, including painting, snow removal and various repairs.  Today the business is offering sales and services to fireplaces, pellet, gas and wood burning stoves and the maintenance of chimneys.  The longevity of this business has produced an exceptional reputation within the market area.  This business has an abundance of potential and may be snatched up in a hurry so don't hesitate on this opportunity. Assets are to include $6,500 in inventory and $50,000 in equipment and vehicles.  Ask for portfolio #317.  

  • $188,000
  • WY
  • $56,500
  • $44,462
  • $104,908
  • 328 | 278 | 414

Would you like to be an owner of a business that has been a staple in the local community for over 150 years?  Producing rising profits year after year in southwest Minnesota is the Longstanding Hardware Store.  The current owners purchased the business in 2006 and have been meticulous in making sure inventory, POS management and financial systems are properly in place and in great working order.  That has helped keep labor costs down allowing for ONLY 2 part time employees.  This is the ideal turn-key business for a motivated entrepreneur, it comes with two buildings and property, all inventory and 1 week transition period with the current owner.  Contact us today!  Assets are to include $55,025 in equipment, $100,119 in fixtures & furniture.  Approximately $201,819 in average inventory.  Building & property valued at $180,000.  Ask for portfolio #15.  

  • $578,900
  • MN
  • $536,963
  • $125,792
  • $581,880
  • 418 | 286 | 281

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I just want to let you know how happy we are with our new business. We recently relocated the business from Wisconsin to Iowa. We had been looking for quite some time for another business to add to our existing one. With your help we were able to find one that fit our needs. I must say again, I have dealt with many other companies and A.B.C. is by far the most professional, organized and polite outfit I've dealt with.

Bob G.