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 Located in Northwestern Utah is this Skate and Snowboarding shop offering a wide variety of products for everything you need to hit the snow or the concrete. The current owners founded this business out of their infectious passion for the industry and the people involved within it. They offer a full line of product for everyone from the pros to those who are just starting out. This is a great business in an unwavering industry with limitless potential. Assets are to include approximately $12,000 in Average Inventory and $15,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. This is an amazing opportunity, fully set up for a hungry,  passionate entrepreneur, so call us today and request Portfolio #103! 

  • $65,000
  • UT
  • $27,000
  • $92,885
  • 246 | 35

This large property features an outdoor corridor motel that accommodated 23 rooms, a living corridors, office area, and additional building on the same lot.  The motel has been established since the 1950's and has became known as a perfect destination stop; as the motel features completely remolded rooms with up-to-date amenities, bedding, fixtures, furnishings, etc.  Great for a new owner no large investment right away!  The living corridors features 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, dinning area, and 2 living rooms.  Perfect for an outside buyer or additional income for manager on-duty or extended stay guest.   The additional building features a popular ice-cream parlor/ coffee cafe that provide a number of backed goods and delicious treats.  The facility is equipped with a drive-thru window along with room for indoor seating area.  The businesses is located in highly visible area that provides great exposure, accessible access, and an extended parking lot.  Located in a great small community of north central Wisconsin.  Assets are to include $5,000 in average inventory, and the building, property, fixtures and furnishings at a value of $697,507.  

  • $980,000
  • WI
  • $702,507
  • $103,518
  • $243,968
  • 393 | 335
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This is a very large HVAC/Plumbing Company that has built a solid foundation based off integrity.  The Company provides top-tier heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services throughout its northwestern community of New Mexico.   Assembled with a large team of contractors that highly skilled and show complete dedication to the customers.   The business obtains a phenomenal reputation based on its prompt-timely service, convenient hours, and competitive pricing.   This is a "can't miss" opportunity that is sure to please the new owner with its impressive standing in the community, outstanding potential for the future and unlimited possibilities yet to be untapped.  Inquire today to learn more about this great opportunity located in New Mexico.  Assets are to include approximately $1,000 in average Inventory, $155,000 in Equipment and Vehicles, and $60,000 in Fixtures and Furnishings.   Ask for portfolio #0127.

  • $1,290,000
  • NM
  • $216,000
  • $181,859
  • $1,010,397
  • 104

This large, profitable tree service business has been serving its community of northeast Wisconsin, since 1977.   The highly-regarded business has built a strong foundation of excellence as it serves to both commercial and residential clients.   Providing services of tree shaping/thinning, crown reduction limb removal, dead wooding, cabling, bracing, chipping, stump grinding, storm damage cleanup, and so much more.   The seasonal business is fully-equipped to handle almost any size of job, while supporting a very large team of employees.  This is an excellent opportunity to own a privately held company that supports a strong cash flow with unlimited potential for further growth.  Inquire today to learn more about this thriving company located in Wisconsin.  Assets are to include $200,000 in equipment, vehicles, fixtures and furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #0123.

  • $699,999
  • WI
  • $200,000
  • $113,950
  • $374,360
  • 84 | 420

This unique, turnkey manufacturing company has built a solid reputation for over 25 years of high quality work.  It specializes in producing a variety of home/office décor created from all natural stone products, metals, glass, wood and more.  Its unique craftsmanship has earned this business a very impressive reputation, generating a very large, extensive customer base that has spanned nationwide.  The business has everything necessary in place including all equipment to take it to the next level, and could be relocated to almost anywhere.  Inquire today to learn more about this excellent opportunity to own your own powerhouse of a business with an artistic flair.  Located in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Assets will include approximately $60,000 in average inventory, $58,000 in equipment, and $15,000 in fixtures and furnishings.   Ask for portfolio #276

  • $245,000
  • CO
  • $133,000
  • $44,903
  • $150,000
  • 276 | 109 | 174 | 107 | 330

This thriving carpet cleaning business has been catering to the northwestern quarter of colorful New Mexico for over a decade. Family owned and operated, this enterprise has become a trusted and loved asset within it's community, building a flawless reputation for excellence within the carpet cleaning and water restoration industry by being the very best at what they do. After a quarter century of working within the field, the current owner is now prepared to pass this opportunity on to someone who will continue to bring this company above and beyond. Assets are to include approximately $1,000 in Average Inventory, $51,000 in Equipment, Vehicles, Fixtures & Furnishings in addition to $20,000 in Other Assets. Don't let this opportunity slip by you, call us today and request Portfolio #124!

  • $350,000
  • NM
  • $71,000
  • $52,394
  • $121,711
  • 111

Excellent opportunity to acquire this full-service restaurant that accommodates a small cafe/ice-cream shop and banquet hall.  The restaurant has a full-service bar with a class A Liquor Licenses for off sale.   Located in a large facility, with updated equipment, fixtures and furnishings, and additional room for expansion if desired.  The business is located in a beautiful community of western Illinois.  There is opportunity for financing of the property.  Inquire today to learn more!  Assets are to include $89,114 in equipment.  The building and property is included and valued at $425,000. Inventory can be purchased seperatley (average inventory is approximately $16,000) Ask for portfolio #6007.

  • $439,000
  • IL
  • $514,114
  • $85,111
  • $212,264
  • 336 | 343 | 335 | 338

Opening it's doors in Southwestern Ohio over seven decades ago in pursuit of the American dream, this highly recognized shoe repair business has solidified a larger than life reputation for quality and integrity.  The business has stayed continuously successful by offering many services outside of shoe repair over the years such as dry cleaning and sports-equipment repair. Being such a diverse enterprise, there is no lack of opportunity for cross-marketing for a new owner.  Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in Average Inventory and $230,000 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Call today and request Portfolio #39 to discover just how much potential the future could hold for you!  

  • $3,500,200
  • OH
  • $240,000
  • $313,144
  • 27 | 168 | 35

For over 50 years the current owners of this southwestern Pennsylvania based welding company have enjoyed immense success, all the while earning a fantastic reputation. This business comes complete with a well equipped shop sitting upon nearly 10 acres of land, leaving endless amounts of growth and utilization for the future. Now ready to retire, the current owners are ready to pass this business on to someone who can continue the legacy for many years to come. Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in Average Inventory, $200,000 in Equipment & Vehicles, $5,000 in Fixtures & Furnishings and $200,000 in Other Assets. The Building & Property are valued at $750,000. Call today and request Portfolio #50!

  • $1,500,000
  • PA
  • $1,165,000
  • $235,985
  • 29 | 184 | 194

Since the early 1980's this flooring and decor retail center has operated with high success within the western half of Kentucky. When the current owners opened their doors they dedicated themselves to a business model based upon ethics and honesty with has earned them the utmost level of confidence from their clientele. This business offers a wide selection of products relating to flooring and painting. Additionally, they offer services such as color matching, installation, delivery and much more. Assets are to include approximately $200,000 in Average Inventory, $180,000 in Equipment, Vehicles, Fixtures & Furnishings and an addition $150,000 other assets. The Building and property are valued at $450,000.  Call today and request Portfolio #30 for your chance to own a great business in a friendly community. 

  • $1,200,000
  • KY
  • $980,000
  • $165,955
  • $916,711
  • 245 | 20 | 275 | 111

Located in a breathtaking community within the heart of Washington sits this elegant and beautifully decorated German-style Boutique. The owners have watched this business grow for over 15 years and within that time have attracted millions of customers from all over the country. Now nearing retirement, the current owners are ready to pass their immensely successful enterprise on to someone who will be just as passionate about the business as they are. Assets are to include approximately $70,000 in Average Inventory and $22,075 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings.  This unique opportunity comes at a great value so call us today and request Portfolio #52!

  • $175,000
  • WA
  • $92,075
  • $48,350
  • $315,336
  • 60 | 329 | 287 | 382

For over four decades and counting this southern Texas market has thrived within a beautiful community rich with tourism and leisure.  Its facility is filled from top to bottom with a massive selection of product ranging from fishing supplies, souvenirs, clothing to a full selection of wine and spirits.  By being highly self sufficient and constantly expanding into new streams of revenue, this business has been consistently increasing it's profits since the current owner first transformed it over twenty years ago. Inquire today to learn more about this profitable retail store.  Asking price includes fixtures, furnishing and equipment.   Inventory must be purchased separately at the time of sale. Call and inquire for portfolio #0067.

  • $395,000
  • TX
  • $150,000
  • $98,279
  • $1,009,741
  • 55 | 266 | 288 | 286 | 295

For over twenty years this private investigation, surveillance and cyber security company has been serving the southern Idaho region and beyond. They offer a broad spectrum of services catering to law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies and private individuals.  Both innovative and revered, this company has solidified a reputation for excellence and will certainly provide a new owner with continued success for many years to come. Assets are to include approximately $1,000 in Average Inventory, $75,000 in Equipment & Vehicles and $10,000 in Fixtures & Furnishings. Call today and request Portfolio #66!  

  • $395,000
  • ID
  • $86,000
  • $111,167
  • $424,686
  • 60 | 64 | 71 | 35 | 120

For nearly four decades this exceedingly successful alterations enterprise has solidified a reputation for excellence throughout the southeastern quarter of Minnesota.  Maintaining a large, talented array of employees and a deep portion of the market share has largely attributed to the constant amount of sales over the years. Now perfectly positioned for a new era, this remarkable opportunity is available at an incredible value! Assets are to include approximately $25,000 in Average Inventory and $18,500 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. Call today and request Portfolio #548!

  • $449,000
  • MN
  • $43,500
  • $178,868
  • $650,631
  • 265 | 57 | 364

Excellent opportunity to own a privately owned donut shop that has been established since 2000.   The long-standing bakery whips up a delicious menu selection of home-style pastries.    The business is stocked with a fully equipped kitchen, great recipes and a consistent "walk-in" client base.   There is unlimited potential to take this business to the next level, whether it is extending its hours of operation or to adding additional menu items.   The current owners are seeking to retire and would love to pass this business on to a new owner who can continue to provide sweat indulgence to its beautiful community of western Kentucky.   Assets are to included approximately $2,000 in average inventory, and $12,000 in equipment and furnishings. 

  • $63,000
  • KY
  • $14,000
  • $27,852
  • $99,230
  • 293 | 341 | 335

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