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It’s hard to believe that we’ve gotten to this point; but it seems like much of the first-hand knowledge available for entrepreneurs no longer comes from the business section of your local bookstore.  Smart business owners are learning to find the information they need from other sources; and this business broker’s blog is one of them.  When it’s time to start searching for a new business, or time to list a business for sale, where to entrepreneurs go?  They go to the Internet, of course.  With so many online directories competing for page views, they are attracting viewers with interesting blogs.

All one has to do is start searching the Internet for some ideas on business valuation, B-to-B marketing, and seller-assisted financing get a valuable insider’s view on the business world.  Brokers are more than willing to share their ideas on blogs like the one here at, because they know that brokers are an excellent resource.  Even those business owners who insist on a for-sale-by-owner transaction can benefit from a consultation with a business broker.  In many cases, these diehard do-it-yourselfers become customers because they find out how much they don’t know about selling a business.

Similar to the real estate business and their numerous blogging sites, a business broker’s blog is designed to help buyers and sellers learn which “properties” are hot and which ones are not.  Pricing a business for sale is a lot more complicated than pricing a home for sale, yet it is the price that will ultimately determine how quickly it will sell.  By working with a broker, sellers can tap into a wider network of potential buyers and develop a smarter marketing plan.  When it’s time to negotiate with potential buyers, brokers can represent a seller’s interests without backing down on the price.

For business investors, working with a broker is a win-win for everyone.  Not only will the seller feel more comfortable dealing with a neutral third party, but buyers can relax and let the broker handle the details.  Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, the business broker can draw up the papers and deal with any outstanding legal issues.  But perhaps most importantly, business brokers are tuned into the world of business financing.  In an economic climate where business financing is scarce, brokers can tap into a wealth of non-traditional financing tools that will help make the sale complete.

If you’re looking for more information about buying or selling a business, let this business broker’s blog be your first stop.

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