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This nationally accredited and state licensed school of cosmetology was established in 1991, and is extremely successful and profitable. While it would be best for a new owner to have a background in cosmetology, the current owners are willing to assist with transition to ensure the ongoing success of the business. With no competition in the area, and a constantly growing community, this business is sure to continue to reap excellent revenues and profits. There is adequate room for expansion if desired. Come check out this wonderful opportunity in southwest Missouri today! The establishment is priced to include $25,000 in average inventory, $100,000 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings, and building and property valued at $1,000,000. Ask for portfolio #221.

  • $1,900,000
  • MO
  • $1,125,000
  • $140,253
  • $286,351
  • 458 | 402

This profitable, award-winning sewing shop has been as asset to its community since 1997 and has a fantastic reputation for quality and service. Located in beautiful northwest New Mexico, the shop has accessibility to clients to come from four states. There is great potential for growth with the right owner, and the current owner has been able to make a nice living with reasonable hours and low overhead. Come see why this shop was ranked best in the area in 2014; you’ll be impressed! The establishment is priced to include $3,000 in inventory, $10,000 in equipment, and $5,000 in fixtures and furnishings. Ask for portfolio #92. 

  • $250,000
  • NM
  • $18,000
  • $28,557
  • $83,034
  • 364 | 407

This is a profitable and deeply established Engraving Business that has been operating since the 1970's. The business is well equipped to provide services of engraving trophies, plaques, and medals in addition to personalizing T-shirts, caps, coats, sweaters, and etc. Possessing an incredibly strong customer base that consists of businesses, schools, hospitals, athletic teams, and individuals. And operates out of a 4,500+ square foot building, providing a spacious production area along with a well-coordinated retail sales floor within a great location. The business provides room for growth, has an intact clientele base with an admirable reputation and produces great profits. Inquire today to learn more about this lucrative business located in northwest Kansas.  Assets to be included in the sale are approximately $30,000 in average inventory, $42,050 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings, an additional $20,000 in other assets.  The building and property are included and valued at $40,000.  Ask for portfolio #157.

  • $175,000
  • KS
  • $132,050
  • $47,274
  • $114,990
  • 321 | 225 | 382

FULLY ASSUMABLE LOAN! This popular lodging destination was established in 1950 and purchased by the current owners in 2003. In 2007, the existing motel was demolished and a brand new 20-unit lodge was constructed. The NEW motel opened for business in 2008. The owners have created a beautiful getaway with a modern lodge theme and a warm, woodsy atmosphere. This motel is the nicest and newest in the area - a popular relaxation destination with many activities including water sports, hiking and fishing in the summer and snow-related activites in the winter. There is room for an additional 12 rooms to be added and other expansion opportunities. Total assets include a three year old 20-unit motel with manager's apartment, extra-large laundry room, office and 50+ year business history; plus all furnishings, fixtures, equipment and inventory currently used in running this growing business.

  • $1,499,950
  • CA
  • $2,087,400
  • $244,438
  • $354,688
  • 393
Related Business Categories: Hotels & Motels

This mobile glass installation operation has been successfully catering to the southern half of Texas for almost twenty years. This business services everything from automobiles and recreational vehicles to commercial and residential establishments. The longevity of this company is the result of consistent quality and top-tier customer service. There is ample room to expand this business in ways that have not been previously utilized, offering endless amounts of growth for a new entrepreneur. Assets are to include $37,000 worth of vehicles and $7,000 in Equipment. Call us today to find out in depth what a great opportunity this business offers! Request portfolio #8!

  • $350,000
  • TX
  • $44,000
  • $62,448
  • $227,386
  • 119 | 15 | 243 | 301


Established as a home based business over a decade ago this prominent company soon developed into a highly-functional manufacturing company.  It is no longer operated from home as it has just grown strikingly large, needing efficient space for production.  The company currently occupies a leased  6,000 sq. ft. warehouse space to accommodate its equipment, storage of product, and room for shipping.   There is no need for a storefront, as all customer interaction is done online.  So this business is easily transferable!     This is an excellent opportunity for a motivated buyer to enjoy all the benefits of what this business has in-store.  It has continuously produced high margins, maintains relativity low overhead cost, and has a very consistent customer flow.  Assets that are to be included is approximately $55,000 in average inventory, and $225,000 in equipment, fixtures, and furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #0099 

  • $4,500,000
  • WI
  • $280,000
  • $545,984
  • $1,235,089
  • 274 | 153 | 380 | 360

This full-service cafe has become a staple within its community of southwestern Pennsylvania for 15 years.  The cafe provides a full menu selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all prepared fresh daily.  With all the produce gathered from local farms, in addition to roasting and carving all of its own meats in-house.  The cafe is not just popular for its delicious menu selection, it is also known as one of the Top 10 locations for Lottery Sales.  This has allowed the business earn an additional income of $50,000 plus every year.  Now, you may be wondering why is the owner selling this profitable business, well the answer is they are ready to retire and would love to pass this prominent business on to the next motivated buyer.  Inquire today to learn more about this excellent opportunity!  Assets to be included in the sale are approximate $5,000 in average inventory, $54,000 in equipment, and $44,000 in fixtures and furnishings.  Ask for portfolio #247. 

  • $295,000
  • PA
  • $103,000
  • $44,240
  • $273,745
  • 335 | 337
Related Business Categories: Cafes - Very Small | Restaurants

This exceptionally profitable graphic design and printing company has been offering its talents to the Southwestern quarter of Texas for over forty years. The business offers a wide array of products ranging from flyers, posters, newsletters, brochures, booklets, banners and many more promotional products and services. The current owners have been steadily growing this business since first purchasing it more than a decade ago and are now looking to sell the company in order to move closer to their family. Assets are to include Approximately $7,500 in Average Inventory and $45,175 in Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings. This is a rare opportunity to step into a highly profitable enterprise with limitless possibilities for continued growth. Call us today and request Portfolio #0073!

  • $750,000
  • TX
  • $52,675
  • $125,665
  • $250,153
  • 23 | 153 | 155 | 154

This is a profitable business with room for expansion. It specializes in promotional products and custom advertising as well as all types of signs, banners and vinyl lettering, and is also the local UPS counter. Stable revenue and profits make this a great investment. The community finds this to be their go-to place for all their printing needs and a new owner could easily increase revenue by extending hours or offering other services. Come check out this great opportunity in this friendly town in southeast Wyoming today! The establishment is priced to include $8,000 in inventory, $85,000 in equipment, $30,000 in fixtures and furnishings, and building and property valued at $270,000. Ask for portfolio #377.

  • $750,000
  • WY
  • $393,000
  • $73,332
  • $280,624
  • 408 | 81 | 155 | 154 | 420

Are you a driven entrepreneur wanting to get in the restaurant business?  Look no further this highly profitable restaurant is the one! As it has an established reputation, dependable team of employees, excellent facility with ample seating, and is located in a thriving community of southwest Missouri.  The business is currently operated as an Italian Restaurant with only a few competitors in the area.  It has an assorted menu choice with the option of delivery service.  The facility is up-to-date as it accommodates a seating capacity well over 90, the decor and atmosphere of the dining area is modern and well designed, in addition, the kitchen is very spacious and provides plenty of storage space.  The area in which the business is located, is perfect as it is positioned right off a busy highway, with convent access, plenty of parking space, and excellent signage is in place also.  Don't let this deal pass you by, inquire today to learn more about this excellent business located in a great community right of the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Assets are to include approximately $10,000 in average inventory, $75,000 in equipment, and $15,000 in fixtures and furnishings. The building and property are included in the sale and is valued at $450,000. 

  • $974,900
  • MO
  • $550,000
  • $162,177
  • $879,348
  • 341 | 337

This local auto shop has been serving southwestern Missouri for forty years.  The doors opened in 1976 as strictly a muffler and brake shop but in recent years has moved more towards general auto repairs.  Now clients have a wider range of services including but not limited to tire work, tune-ups, oil changes, not even complete mechanical restoration is out the question!  Whether the vehicle is small or large the equipment in this shop can handle it.  If being a gear head is your thing contact us today!  Don't miss out on this great opportunity!  Assets are to include $75,000 in equipment, fixtures, furnishings and approximately $50,000 in average inventory.  Building and property valued at $225,000.  Ask for portfolio # 332.   

  • $385,000
  • MO
  • $225,000
  • $216,754
  • 426
Related Business Categories: General Automotive Repair Shops

This business was established in 1908 as a hotel with a traditional bar and has been successfully operated by the current owner since 1993.  This well maintained hotel, and bar has room to expand and many possibilities.  This is a unique find and may not last long so hurry you don’t want to miss out.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the northeast quarter of Montana.  Assets are to include: $30,000 of Inventory, $50,000 of Equipment, $50,000 of Fixtures and Furnishings, and $70,000 in Other Assets.  The Building and Property are valued at $30,000.  Ask for Portfolio # 0248

  • $199,999
  • MT
  • $230,000
  • $169,000
  • 394 | 344 | 393

This fabrication and welding business was established and has been operated by the current owner since 1993.  This business has grown significantly over the years and has an exceptional reputation for high-quality work.  This is a unique business opportunity and is sure not going to last long so don't miss out; owners are motivated to sell.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in the northwest quarter of Wyoming.  Assets are to include; $387,000 of inventory, and $326,200 of equipment and vehicles, $10,000 of fixtures and furnishings.  The building and property are valued at $450,000.  The owners are willing to negotiate the price with a good faith buyer. Ask for Portfolio #0242.

  • $3,200,000
  • WY
  • $1,173,200
  • $41,974
  • $234,243
  • 196 | 16 | 206 | 435

This highly-profitable, long-established animal clinic has been owned by the current owners since 1971, and the history of the practice goes back over 100 years. Treating small animals and pets as well as farm animals in the region, this clinic has stayed successful and grown more so. The owners are getting to the time where they would like to transition out, but are willing to stay on for as long as they can to help a new owner. This is a fantastic opportunity for an energetic new owner to take over a valuable and well-loved practice in a friendly community. Check out this business in southeast Iowa today! The establishment is priced to include $20,000 in equipment, $20,000 in fixtures and furnishings, $8,000 in vehicles, and building and property valued at $60,000. Ask for portfolio #437. 


  • $475,000
  • IA
  • $108,000
  • $162,115
  • $404,993
  • 471
Related Business Categories: Veterinary Services

This nationally-recognized franchised restaurant has only been operating since 2014, still brand-new with state-of-the-art equipment, fixtures, and furnishings.  Operating from a 1,500 sq. ft. spacious facility that is situated along a major intersection in its rural community.   The business is impeccable and well-known to the locals as a favorite eatery. The current owners are wishing to pursue other interest and are very motivated to ensure a smooth transition for a new owner as the franchise provides training, advertising, specialized promotions, and constant support. This is an ideal turn-key business as everything is set up for a new owner to come in and start making money.  Inquire to learn more about this business located in northeast Indiana.  Assets are to include approximately $3,000 in average inventory, $100,000 in equipment, fixtures and furnishings, and other assets at $125,000.  The building and property is included in the sale and is valued at $638,000.  

  • $766,000
  • IN
  • $866,000
  • $294,999
  • 340 | 296 | 335 | 337


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