This is a profitable commercial and residential flooring company that is priced to move. Established in 1998, it has an excellent reputation within the community for a variety of services, including renovation of existing floors and installation in newly-constructed buildings. The business is already successful, but could be expanded further if desired. Check out this great opportunity in northwest New Mexico today! The establishment is priced to include: $12,000 in Inventory, $ 1,500 in Equipment, Fixtures and Furnishings and $5,000 in Vehicles.  Ask for Portfolio # 0350.

  • $185,000
  • NM
  • Yes
  • $18,500
  • $150,877
  • $1,116,158
  • 324 | 111
  • No
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Since we indicated to you that we were interested in selling the business we have received the names of several prospective buyers, one whom has become the purchaser of the business. I wish to thank you for the leads and the professional manner in which you have handled the responsibility of informing us of prospective buyers.

Denton R.